New Signal Word: This Is How Guaranteed Dog Recall Works

To avoid dangerous situations, your dog must respond reliably to your callbacks. But desperate pleas to return can cause tension in your furry nose. So it makes sense to set a new signal word for the callback.

This signal word should be a word that is not otherwise found in dog training and has a positive connotation. For example, “Yuuuuuhuuuu”, “Engelchen”, “Alohahe” or “Lotto” will do.

New Signal Word Grabs Attention

Such words are not automatically named, as a command, which means that the dog does not initially associate them with anything, experts explain. Alternatively, you can also work with a whistle, but then with a whistle that your dog does not yet know to get attention again. This can be, for example, a trill or three consecutive short whistles.

Your body language also needs to be correct when you call back: angry or desperate people take a dismissive posture – which is why your dog may hesitate because he is feeling stressed. Therefore, you should lure your dog with a funny, exciting, or flattering reputation.

Practice at Home First

You must first practice the correct word and correct tone at home with your four-legged friend. Start in the room without distraction, later in the garden or in front of the house in a familiar, uninteresting environment. According to experts, this can take days or weeks.

For your dog to accept the answer as positive, you must be very happy when he hears your call back. Before you reach for a treat, you need a stormy greeting. Both together will ensure that your dog keeps returning feeling happy.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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