Miniature Horse

The Miniature Horse is one of the miniature horses. It looks like a large horse but is much smaller and more delicate than a large horse.

Breed Characteristics and Appearance

How do I recognize a Miniature Horse?

The Miniature Horse is a slender miniature horse. It has long sloping shoulders, a short back, a muscled croup, a well-shaped head with large eyes, and is rectangular in shape.

What is special about a Miniature Horse?

Even if the size of this breed of horse is closer to that of a large dog, it looks like a normal horse. It is just as versatile as a large horse and impresses with its expression and its loving nature.

How big is a Miniature Horse?

This horse breed should reach a maximum height of 86.5 cm. There are also smaller representatives of this breed.

What is the life expectancy of a Miniature Horse?

Even if this breed is quite small, it still has a high life expectancy and can easily live to be 30 years old.

What are the coat colors of the Miniature Horse?

All coat colors can occur, whether brown or black, whether piebald or not.

Traits of Temperament

Are Miniature Horses also suitable for beginners?

Due to its small size, the Miniature Horse can only carry light riders. With a horse size of approx. 86 cm, there are children with a weight of up to 16 kg. The smaller the mini horse, the less rider weight is possible. Of course, factors such as age, back muscle culture, the level of training, or the state of health of the horse also play a role.
Due to the friendly and people-oriented character, even beginners can use this horse breed. However, as with any other race, there can of course be characters who differ in their nature and behavior from others. It is therefore always helpful to take lessons from an experienced horse trainer.

What are the behavioral and essential characteristics of a Miniature Horse?

The Miniature Horse is small but powerful. It is characterized by its human focus and its friendly, sociable, attentive, and docile nature. It is an ideal leisure partner and would also like to be promoted.

Origin & History

Where did the Miniature Horse originally come from?

The origins go back to the 17th century and lead to Europe. There they were kept at royal houses for the children. They served the children as playmates. However, wars over the centuries have decimated the number of mini horses so much that they almost became extinct. Only a few of these horses were brought to the United States, where they were later crossed with other miniature horses and further bred. In 1978 the Miniature Horse Association was founded.

What were Miniature Horses bred for?

These miniature horses were originally bred to serve as playmates and riding horses for children of former royal families.

Care, Health, Diseases

What should you watch out for when caring for a Miniature Horse?

Even if this horse breed is so cute, it also needs regular care in the form of brushing and grooming, scratching out hooves, combing the tail and mane. In addition, there are regular routine examinations at the vet and a visit to the farrier.

Are there diseases or hereditary diseases typical of the breed in the Miniature Horse?

If kept and fed appropriately, the mini horse can not only get quite old but also stay healthy for a long time. Obesity or other diseases can only occur if the animals are kept and fed incorrectly.


What should you watch out for in terms of feeding times and the amount of feed?

Pay close attention to the feeding of this breed of horse. It is not enough to simply reduce a large horse’s ration to fit that miniature horse. Because it is precisely these mini horses that need vitamins, minerals, and high-quality roughage in equal measure. They have a different energy consumption than a large horse. An exact ration calculation is therefore very important, especially because these horses are easy to feed. Care should be taken to ensure a balanced mix of food and exercise.

How often should the Miniature Horse be fed?

You can use the feeding times of a large horse as a guide. The feed should be given throughout the day.

Activities with the Miniature Horse

Which sports are suitable for the Miniature Horse?

The Miniature Horse is characterized by a harmonious sequence of movements and is the ideal entry-level horse for children. But this breed is not only suitable as a riding horse but also harnessed in front of a sulky or as a therapy horse. It can also be used to learn tricks and circus lessons.

How much exercise does a Miniature Horse need?

Even if this is a small horse that wants and needs enough exercise anyway. Since the miniature horse is very docile and attentive, you can pursue, challenge and encourage all kinds of occupations with this breed.

Consideration before Purchasing

Where can I buy a Miniature Horse?

Once you have decided on this breed, it will not be easy to find a breeder here in Germany. For example, you can ask the Bavarian breed association for special horses where there are breeders in this country. Otherwise, you can check the AMHA website to see where American breeders of this breed are listed.

Where can I find riding participation for a miniature horse?

Finding a riding stake for a Miniature Horse can prove just as difficult. After all, only children up to 16 kg should ride a mini horse. Of course, riding participation can also use the mini-horse differently. Groundwork, for example, is always an option. But also skill exercises, tricks or just going for a walk. It’s all in the mix.

Upbringing and Attitude

Is a Miniature Horse right for me?

Are you looking for an extraordinary horse? Then the Miniature Horse is just right for you. It’s as big as a big dog and looks like a big horse – just in a small format. Nevertheless, this is a horse that wants to be kept and challenged that way. It also needs a place, species-appropriate feed, as well as plenty of exercise and activity.

How do I keep a Miniature Horse?

Although this breed only reaches a maximum size of 86.5 cm, it needs an appropriate box or shelter, sufficient roughage, minerals and vitamins, and, of course, enough pasture space. Likewise, in every type of keeping, whether in the box or in the open stable, conspecifics should keep the mini horse company, ideally also in the same or at least a similar size. Living together with large horses should be carefully considered. After all, the large horses can quickly inflict injuries on the small horses.

How much space does a Miniature Horse need?

Whether on the pasture, in the paddock, or in the box – the Miniature Horse has needs and demands on keeping just like other horses. So the box should be big enough despite the small height and there should be sufficient ventilation. If you keep this breed in an open stable, the shelter should always be dry and be able to offer enough protection from wind and weather.

How do I transport a Miniature Horse?

Transporting such a breed of horse is easier than transporting a large horse. It fits comfortably into a horse trailer designed for ponies. But even if the size of the Miniature Horse is the size of a dog, the trunk of a car should by no means be considered as a means of transport.

Interesting, Worth Knowing, and Extras

Why are Miniature Horses so popular?

This breed is special. Small and yet a noble horse. It is docile, attentive, friendly, and ideal for children. But a Miniature Horse also cuts a fine figure in front of the sulky.

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