Massage the Cat: that’s How it Works

A massage is good for the body and soul. Did you know you can massage your cat too? Velvet paws really appreciate a little wellness treatment. Here you can find out how it’s done.

Cat Massage: Wellness for Body and Soul

A cat massage is not only used to loosen tense muscles. It has many advantages: Gentle touch also plays an important part in reducing stress and tension.

By massaging your furry friend, you are also promoting the bond with your cat. A little break from everyday life like this is a balm for the souls of humans and animals. Look forward to a deeply relaxed, purring house cat.

The Right Time to Massage the Cat

You should choose the most favorable time possible for your cat’s wellness treatment. You should avoid a massage shortly after eating so that your cat can digest the meal in peace. Even if your velvet paw is cleaning itself or would rather play, you should still wait.

If your cat is in a cuddly mood, this is sure to be a good opportunity. Before you start, make sure that your pet is relaxed and ready to be pampered.

Do not perform the massage between the door and the hinge, but allow enough time – even if the message itself only lasts a few minutes. If you are calm and relaxed yourself, your mood will also affect your cat.

Massaging the Cat: Instructions

The first time you massage your cat, it is best to take it slowly. Start with where your cat normally prefers to be petted. During the massage, you can chat with your cat – or you can put on relaxing music.

Many people enjoy it when the muscles are flexed vigorously. With your cat, on the other hand, you should watch out for gentle movements and exert little pressure. Use only your fingertips on the face and head. It is best to use your whole hand for the torso. This way the massage can be felt more intensely for your velvet paw.

Make sure again and again that your cat is really feeling good. If she lies motionless and purrs, everything is fine. On the other hand, if they try to flee, they stop.

Massage the cat’s forehead

Many cats like to be petted on the head, so a forehead massage is a good start. Take your index finger and gently circle the center of your forehead.

You can also use both index fingers to make gentle circular movements over the eyes, then gradually move to the temples and cheeks. When your darling begins to purr comfortably, you’re doing everything right.

Massage the ears

Stroke from the base of the ears to the top. Take your thumb for one ear and your index finger for the other so that you can massage both ears at the same time. Some house tigers also love to knead their ears with their fingers.

Rub the chin

Almost all cats enjoy being petted on the chin. Carefully run your index finger from the bottom of the neck up to the chin. If your cat likes this massage, it will raise its head, close its eyes, and purr. With this, she wants to tell you: “Please go on!”.

Relaxation for the neck and shoulders

For the neck massage, gently grasp the fur on the neck with your thumb and forefinger and knead it. Then go over to the shoulders, because cats also suffer from shoulder tension and enjoy the relaxing movements of your hands.

Warning: not all cats like a neck or shoulder massage. Make sure to pay attention to your cat’s body language. When she has had enough, stop right away.

Massage the cat’s back

For a back massage, grip the left and right of the spine with your thumb and forefinger. Then slowly slide both fingers from the nape of the neck all the way down to the tail. Repeat this a few times.

Then you can knead the fur on the back. The same applies here: proceed carefully, do not squeeze hard, and stop the massage if your kitty is no longer feeling well.

Paw massage

A massage of the paws is the crowning glory of the little wellness treatment. Place your thumb in the center of the ball of the paw and make slow, circular motions.

The paws must support your cat’s full weight and are likely to be particularly tense.

You Should Pay Attention to These Points During the Massage

To make your little break together with a success, you should follow these tips:

  • A duration between five and fifteen minutes is optimal.
  • Make slow, gentle movements with your hands.
  • Avoid the massage if your cat is sick or has skin problems.
  • Pregnant females should not be massaged.
  • Do not massage your cat’s stomach. Most kitties don’t like being touched there.

Important: Do Not Use Massage Oils

In no case do not use massage oils. Some essential oils are even toxic to cats. These include, for example, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil. Apart from that, the smell is far too intense for fine cat noses.

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