Make Cat Ice Cream Yourself: 5 Great Recipe Ideas

In summer, ice cream is in high season and is a great way to cool off. Cats also enjoy refreshment in the heat. Now would you like to surprise your velvet paw with ice cream for a change? We explain whether ice cream is dangerous for cats and show how you can make healthy cat ice cream yourself.

Can Cats Eat Ice Cream?

The big relatives of the house cat are used to high temperatures. Even house cats can therefore handle heat well. In midsummer, however, even some warmth-loving cats get too hot at some point.

Shaded places and sufficient water provide cooling. Nonetheless, many cat owners ask themselves: Can you give cats ice cream?

Make Cat Ice Cream Yourself: Tips for Carefree Licking Fun

Basically, nothing speaks against pampering fur noses with frozen snacks on hot summer days. To ensure that the enjoyment of ice cream does not hit the stomach, cat owners should heed the following tips:

  • Cats love milk. However, they often cannot tolerate the lactose they contain. It is, therefore, better to use quark, yoghurt, or special cat milk for cat ice cream. Alternatively, you can try a lactose-free cat ice cream recipe. You can find ideas about this below.
  • As with humans, the same applies to cats: less is more. A balanced cat diet is part of healthy cat life. Therefore, as cat treats, ice cream for cats may only be on the menu from time to time.
  • Even if the temptation is great, cats should enjoy their ice cream slowly and not too cold. Let the ice cream thaw a little beforehand.

While there is a large selection of ready-made ice for dogs to buy, the range for cat owners is unfortunately limited. But the good news is: You can make ice cream for cats yourself – very easily and cheaply. Which “cat ice cream” goes down best, of course, depends entirely on your kitty’s taste

Make Cat Ice Cream Yourself: Ingredients and Accessories

The nice thing about cat ice cream is that you probably already have most of the ingredients at home. The house tiger’s favorite cat food is just as suitable as snack foods, cat milk, or crispy snacks.

Chocolate or sugar, which we humans sweeten our ice cream, are taboo for cats. Salt and grain have no place in cat food either.

You can use natural yoghurt or quark as the ice cream, providing your cat can tolerate these ingredients. Unseasoned, natural broths or pure water are even gentler on sensitive cat stomachs.

In addition to various ingredients for your ice cream creations, you also need an ice cube tray. Conventional ice cubes are the ideal size for a little ice cream treat in between. In order to fill the unfrozen cat ice cream into the mold without making a mess, it is best to use a piping bag or a cut freezer bag. A small spoon serves the same purpose.

Now all you need to do is be patient until the ice is frozen. Or you can simply save work for the future and produce cool summer snacks in advance.

Make Ice Cream for Cats Yourself: the Easiest Recipes for Summer

If you are making cat ice cream yourself for the first time, think about what food preferences your house tiger has. Is he a fish lover, does he prefer wet food or can you make him happy with treats? Our list offers the right cat ice cream recipe for every taste.

The Ice-cold Fish Pleasure

Does your cat love fish? Then this recipe will make them purr. It couldn’t be easier: all you need is tuna and some water. That’s how it works:

  • Puree a portion of tuna
  • Add water until the mass becomes creamy
  • Pour tuna cream into ice cube trays
  • Off in the freezer until the ice cream is frozen

Make Cat Ice Cream Yourself With Wet Food

The variant from wet food can be made as quickly as tuna ice cream: Instead of tuna, you simply puree a portion of the cat food that your velvet paw likes best.

The Hidden Treat in the Cat’s Ice Cream

Surprise your cat by hiding a treat in the ice cream mix before it freezes. Alternatively, you can freeze it in an ice cube made from water or from the unseasoned broth.

For house cats who prefer snacks as treats, you can simply freeze the tasty mixture mixed with a little natural yoghurt or on its own.

The Stomach-friendly Milk Pleasure

Milk ice cream is also popular with cats – if it does not contain lactose. With special cat milk, you can still conjure up a delicious milk ice cream for your cat that does not cause stomach pain.

Prerequisite: your cat does not gulp down the cool snack. Let the ice cream thaw a little before you eat it, this is easy on the cat’s stomach.

By the way, cat milk also turns wet food or tuna ice cream into a delicious, creamy ice cream treat.

The Ice Bomb

Even if your cat is on a diet, it does not have to go without some beneficial refreshment. With an ice bomb, you not only offer the sweet tooth a low-calorie cooling. The cat is also animated to play.

All you need is a balloon and water and you’re good to go:

  • Remove talc from the balloon: just fill it with a little water, knead it and empty it again
  • Fill the balloon with water (not too much, otherwise the cat will be intimidated)
  • Place the filled balloon in the freezer until the water has frozen.
  • Remove the balloon

You can now present the resulting ice bomb to the cat in a baking dish or similar. Fill in some water beforehand. Now the cat can have fun with the ice bomb. Due to its shape, the ice ball is movable and encourages the cat to play.

One last tip if you want to make your own cat ice cream: No matter which recipe you decide on in the end, it is best to serve your furry friend the cool treat in a small bowl. This means that the ice cannot make itself and the floor stays dry. We wish your cat Bon appetite!

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