Lose Weight with Animals: Fit with a Dog

In wind and weather out into nature and jog, walk, or just go for a brisk walk? Regular exercise is a pleasant way for dog owners or dog sitters to counteract the pounds they have accumulated over the holidays. And the daily excursions are not only healthy for masters and mistresses, but your dog will also thank you for the extra exercise and exercise.

Walk or run fast

If you have a medium to large dog, your four-legged friend will be very happy if you walk or even jog with him. A brisk pace is closest to the natural running pace of a larger dog.

If you are just starting with the training, you can of course also exercise your dog by throwing sticks, if possible only after a long walk, so that the calorie consumption of the master or mistress also increases.

For older or overweight dogs, it is advisable to consult a veterinarian before beginning training. He can determine the resilience of the four-legged friend.

The following points enrich the exercise program:

  • To find out what pace is right for the dog, let your dog run off the leash regularly. As a result, he finds his own pace, and the dog and owner can adapt to each other.
  • Only start running after giving your dog enough time to sniff
  • For daily jogging or brisk walking, a harness with a long leash is recommended for the dog. In this way, owners can tie the leash around their stomachs and have their arms free.
  • Always offer small games in between throwing sticks or jumping over tree trunks loosens up the training and is fun for both.
  • At the beginning of the training, it is advisable to do half an hour of exercise two to three times a week, with alternating trot and walk intervals. But don’t let the daily excursions get any shorter.
  • Particularly important: Always praise the dog when the training with him is going well. This motivates even the most untrained dog.

Ava Williams

Written by Ava Williams

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