Keeping Mice – This Is How The Terrarium Must Be Set Up

With their small brown beady eyes, they make many a heart beat faster. Mice are not only bred as food for reptiles but also kept and loved as pets. However, it is important to consider a few factors when keeping them so that the little rodents are fine right from the start and can feel completely comfortable. This article is about providing animals with the perfect home. You will get all the important information about how a terrarium needs to be set up and what you need to look out for when buying the products.

The terrarium – the bigger, the better

When choosing the terrarium, you should consider the needs of the animals. It is therefore important to choose a terrarium that is large enough. Due to the fact that mice should be kept together with several conspecifics, it is advisable to opt for a fairly large terrarium. Because not only the mice have to be able to move. The interior design also takes up space and should therefore not be underestimated. Bowls and a fixed feeding corner should also be considered and can be quite large if there are several mice. Therefore, please always choose a terrarium that is one size larger, because mice need a lot of space to run and romp despite their small size.

What interior decorations are needed by mice?

Mice don’t want to live in an empty terrarium. Not only do they need a lot of space, they also want to be kept busy. For this reason, it is important to set up the terrarium animal-friendly.

You can find out what setup the little mice need in the following:


Mice always retreat to sleep. A house is an advantage for this and should therefore not be missing in any terrarium. It is now important that this fits the number of mice. If it is a small house, it makes sense to add a second house. In this way, the animals can avoid each other when they want to sleep. You should also make sure that there is always enough hay and straw available in the house. In addition, there is the possibility of connecting several houses with each other or choosing versions that have several floors.

Feeding bowl and drinking trough:

The food should not simply be scattered around the terrarium. A feeding bowl that is large enough for all mice to eat at the same time is part of the permanent inventory of a mouse terrarium. You can also choose either a drinking bowl or a container to attach to the glass to provide mice with fresh water at all times. Please change the water at least once a day.


With a hay rack you can ensure that the mice always get clean and fresh hay. While the hay, when it is lying on the ground, is often soiled by excrement and urine as well as leftover food and is therefore no longer eaten, the hay rack is the ideal solution. Leftover hay left over the next day should be discarded. Mice only look for high-quality hay, which is rich in vitamins.


Litter is also an indispensable part of a terrarium. Spread the entire floor generously with high-quality litter. Here it is better to lay out the litter a little more generously than to take too little. This is because mice like to dig or hide things. Bedding should be ordered specifically for mice.

Tunnels and tubes:

Mice like it in between and love to hide. For this reason, experts advise laying out several tunnels and tubes in the terrarium. These can also be hidden under the bedding. In addition, mice like to use these as a place to sleep in between meals.

Gnawing material:

Mice are rodents. For this reason, as an animal owner, you must ensure that the little mice have gnawing material in the terrarium at all times. This is mainly due to the fact that the teeth grow continuously. If these were not truncated by the frequent gnawing, problems would arise. These can go so far that the mice are no longer able to eat their food. This in turn would starve the mice. Non-toxic branches and twigs and cardboard rolls, such as those from toilet paper, are best. These also invite you to play.

Climbing possibilities:

Climbing facilities also urgently belong in the mouse terrarium and should be an integral part. Ropes, branches, stairs, and the like ensure that things don’t get boring and that no disputes arise between the individual animals. Many different objects are suitable as climbing opportunities. Here you can be creative yourself because what pleases and what is non-toxic for the animals is allowed.

Multiple levels:

If the terrarium is tall enough, you should think about creating a second level. Since the mice are not particularly large, this is ideal for providing even more space. Your animals are also guaranteed to love the climbing opportunities that lead to the second floor.

Food toy:

Food toys are also always very popular and serve to keep the mice occupied. Here you can either get creative yourself and build toys or buy ready-made products. The mice get the little treats in different ways. The creativity and intelligence of the animals are challenged and promoted. Of course, there are also intelligence toys for mice, which can be used directly by several animals at the same time.


Even if the mice are small rodents, they do not do less work than hamsters, guinea pigs, and Co. The little ones also want to have something to do, digging and scratching in the litter and letting off steam during the day, and then together with their fellows to cuddle and sleep safely. Since animals also like to hide, you should always make sure that they have the opportunity to do so. If you take care of a tidy setup, always provide enough food and water, and always keep the terrarium nice and clean, you will have a lot of fun with your new family members.

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