Karst Shepherd: Complete Guide, Info, Care & More

Country of origin: Slovenia
Shoulder height: 54 – 63 cm
Weight: 25 – 42 kg
Age: 10 – 12 years
Color: iron gray with a dark mask
Use: guard dog, protection dog

The Karst Shepherd is a typical livestock guardian – very alert and territorial, used to acting independently, and therefore has a strong will of its own. With early socialization and consistent training, it is a good and obedient companion and makes an excellent guard dog.

Origin and history

The Karst Shepherd – belongs to the group of molossoid mountain dogs and comes from Slovenia. The breed was officially recognized in 1939 under the name ” Illyrian Shepherd Dog “. Thus, the Illyrian shepherd dog from the Karst mountains initially bore the same name as the shepherd dog from the Sarplanina mountains. To avoid confusion, the Yugoslav Union decided to call the dog from the Karst area “Karst Shepherd” and the other “Sarplaninac”. Since then, the two breeds have been completely independent.


The Karst Shepherd is a medium-sized, harmoniously built, robust dog with well-developed muscles and a strong constitution. Tail and ears droop. The top coat, which is about 10 centimeters long, is smooth and has plenty of undercoats. The coat color is iron gray – slightly darker on the back, fading into a lighter gray or sandy color on the legs and belly. The dark mask on the face is also typical.


The Karst Shepherd is a typical livestock guardian dog. It acts largely independently, which is also important to protect the herd. It is very territorial, brave, and alert without being snappy. It is suspicious to the point of rejecting strangers but is a loyal and devoted companion to its owner and its family.

The born Guardian requires early and careful socialization and a loving but consistent upbringing. It subordinates itself only to clear leadership.

It loves living in the country and being outdoors. Its ideal habitat is a house with a large plot of land that it can guard. With close family ties and a task that suits its instinct to be alert, the Karst Shepherd is a pleasant, good-natured, and also obedient companion dog, but it will never completely lose its strong independence.

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