Indoor Activity for Dogs

Especially in difficult times, pets play a special role as companions and friends. They provide comfort and emotional support to their owners and interacting with animals also reduces stress levels. Animal rights activists appeal in particular to those pet owners who are currently working at home or are in quarantine to use the current exceptional situation positively and to deal particularly extensively with the animal.

We’ve rounded up some activity ideas that will not only amuse the dogs but their owners as well. With indoor games, the animals are also mentally challenged, which is very important.

Search games: Hide objects (that your dog knows) or treats in the apartment, in the house, or the garden. Sniffing is exhausting for dogs, the brain is challenged, and your dog is also mentally busy.

Sniff work: Set up an obstacle course of several upside-down mugs or cups, place some treats under one of the hiding places, and let the dog sniff them out.

Indoor Agility: Create your little agility course with hurdles made of two buckets and a broomstick to jump over, a stool to jump on, and a bridge made of chairs and blankets to crawl under.

Treat rolls: Fill empty toilet or kitchen rolls or boxes with newspaper and treats and let your dog “take them apart” – this keeps your four-legged friend busy and is fun.

Chewing and licking: Chewing calms and relaxes. Encourage this natural behavior and provide your dog with pig ears, pig noses, or beef scalp, for example (depending on food tolerance). You can also spread wet food or spreadable cheese on a licking mat or baking mat.

Teach names and tidy up: Give names to your dog’s toys and ask him to fetch “teddy”, “ball” or “doll” and put them in a box, for example.

Tricks: Use positive reinforcement to teach your dog new tricks when they enjoy it – paw, hand touch, roll, spin – the only limit is your imagination. Interactive Intelligence games are also very popular with dogs.

Ava Williams

Written by Ava Williams

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