Incontinence in Dogs

It dribbles when lying down, and the place to sleep smells bad: urinary incontinence also occurs in dogs, especially when they are older. The veterinarians at the Fressnapf specialty chain store explain when incontinence can still occur and how dog owners can best deal with it.

Urinary incontinence is not a question of upbringing, but a serious impairment. Especially dogs that are housebroken and are used to a clean sleeping place feel very uncomfortable when they urinate uncontrollably. This quickly becomes a hygiene problem, because sleeping places or carpets are not only damp, but they also develop a pungent odor – not to mention the dog itself.

How do you recognize incontinence?

Healthy dogs release urine in a controlled manner – i.e. when they go for a walk. If you lose urine drop by drop, possibly immediately after walking, often while lying or sitting, this can be an indication of urinary incontinence. The same applies if you notice a strong odor in your usual sleeping place.

Causes of incontinence in dogs

If you observe this change in your dog, you should consult a veterinarian. Because incontinence can have various causes, which you should have clarified: The most common are problems with the sphincter, but the bladder muscles or the nervous system should also be considered.

In the case of kidney diseases, grit or urinary stones, infections, or tumors, incontinence is one of the possible symptoms. Especially with younger dogs, the long-term consequences of accidents or injuries come into question. A sphincter weakness in bitches is z. B. often due to castration.

Treatment of incontinence in dogs

Your vet will order various tests to get to the bottom of the cause. Medicines that you give your dog for the rest of its life, a change in diet, or sometimes an operation often help.

Since the medical options are limited, especially for senior dogs, there are now various products in specialist shops that you can use to make life easier for you and your dog. Special incontinence blankets and mats catch the urine, dry quickly, and are washable. There are also special diapers or pants for dogs.

In any case, try to make your dog as comfortable as possible, even if it takes more time and effort. Since urine loss often occurs when lying down, you should keep your dog’s lying areas particularly clean and dry. Animal-friendly room fresheners also help against the smell. Very important: Do not punish or insult your dog and do not exclude him from the family community!

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