How to Train a Burmese Cat

If you want to train a Burmese cat, you will usually find a docile, intelligent counterpart who learns very quickly. However, you should include the active temperament of the Oriental in your upbringing.

Intelligence and curiosity are typical characteristics of the Burmese cat. If you want to educate them, you have to focus your efforts on them. This cat breed is usually very fixated on a human – it is not for nothing that it is nicknamed “the human-cat”. When raising a child, it is therefore important that their caregiver takes charge.

Training the Burmese Cat: Tips

Burmese cats are very smart, so they will usually quickly put into practice what you teach them. But her intelligence also means this cat loves to push her limits. So a good deal of consistency is required if you want to raise them. So if the velvet paw keeps jumping on the table when it’s not supposed to – by all means stay tuned and chase it down. Just don’t give up because you think, “It’s no use anyway.” The Burmese cat understands exactly what you want – it’s just a little rascal.

Proper Activity is Important

When raising the beautiful Burmese cat, it is important to remember that she is very active and loves to be kept busy. When she’s not busy, she can get silly ideas. When cats break something, it’s often either a form of protest – or they do it out of boredom. If you play and cuddle your velvet paw enough, you’ll also find it easier to train them.


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