How To Gain A Rabbit’s Trust

If you’ve just gotten a new rabbit and you’re trying to gain his trust, this advice will help.


  1. Give the rabbit time to get used to its new environment. Let them learn that their stable provides them with security, food, and shelter. If your rabbit doesn’t know this, they will never trust the person who put them there. Never allow anything dangerous, no matter how small, to get into the barn, and make sure there is always enough water and food available.
  2. Use a carrying case to take it with you. Place the rabbit in its hutch or allow it to go in on its own. Close the door and transport it. Let it out if it wants.
  3. Sit with your rabbit. No quick movements; do not touch or caress. This will get the rabbit used to your presence and it will relax.
  4. Allow the rabbit to climb on you; try to avoid twitching. The rabbit needs to learn that you don’t try to lure it in and then grab it. It needs to learn that it is safe around you.
  5. Spend time with your rabbit every day. Sit with him for half an hour every day.
  6. After a few days, it will know that it is safe around you.
  7. Then you can start petting your rabbit. Don’t overdo it, but let her know that it’s perfectly harmless and just a way of showing your affection. Don’t confine your rabbit. It’s best to pet it only when it sits next to you.
  8. After that, you can do more with your rabbit. Start slow, pick it up twice a day and take it with you.
  9. Once your rabbit has become somewhat used to being handled – they will never fully get used to it – pick them up more often to pet them or to sit somewhere else.
  10. Maintain the rabbit’s confidence. Don’t stop just because it trusts you; they should engage with it every day to maintain and further promote trust.


  • Always speak softly and do not make loud noises, e.g. from the television, when the rabbit is in the house.
  • Never twitch
  • When you feed your rabbit, spend time with him, and pick him up to pet him, but only if you’ve already reached the ninth level.


Rabbits have sharp claws and teeth, so they can bite or scratch you!

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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