How to Bathe Your Dog

Most dog breeds rarely, if ever, need to be bathed. Too frequent washing also destroys the balance of the skin in dogs. Bathing is only recommended if the dog is very dirty – preferably with a pH-neutral, moisturizing dog shampoo. Shampoos for humans often contain substances that are not suitable for dog skin. Most dogs can be bathed at home. For larger dog breeds, however, it is advisable to go to the dog salon.

Before bathing, the dog should be brushed and combed thoroughly so that any tangles are not aggravated by the moisture in the coat. Provide a non-slip surface in the bath or shower tray so that your dog has a good grip. A smooth, slippery surface scares many dogs. You can use a rubber mat or a large towel for the dog to stand on. Dilute some dog shampoo in a cup of water to help it spread faster. Also, have some treats ready to sweeten the grooming ritual.

Now lift your dog into the tub or place him in the shower tray. Smaller dogs can also be washed in the sink. Rinse your dog with lukewarm water and a gentle jet of water. Ideally, you wet the dog from the paws up. Avoid sensitive areas such as the nose, ears, and eye area.

Once the dog is completely wet, spread small amounts of shampoo over the coat and shampoo gently but thoroughly. Start at the head and work your way down to the tail. Then rinse the fur carefully with lukewarm water so that no soap residue remains. They could irritate the skin and cause allergies.

Squeeze the fur well with your hands and gently but thoroughly dry your dog with towels while it is still in the bath. Depending on the season, your dog can go outside or lie near the heater to dry. If the dog is used to the sound of a hair dryer, you can blow-dry it briefly with lukewarm water. In winter, you should avoid bathing your dog altogether. The fur dries slowly and the protective layer of fat takes longer to regenerate.

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