Here’s How You Can Tell If Your Dog Really Loves You

Learning how pets show their love is not always easy – after all, they can’t just express their feelings. At least not in the way we humans understand it. You can find out here how to find out if your dog loves you anyway.

Animals and humans communicate in different ways – no wonder dogs show affection differently than we humans. In particular, new dog owners (and some of them are in the year of the corona pandemic) have yet to learn how to correctly interpret the love affairs of their four-legged friends.

Instead of listening to vocal utterances – in the case of dogs, such as barking or whimpering – when communicating with animals, the focus is on facial expressions and body language. In this way, your dog shows you, especially with his appearance and behavior, how much he cares about you.

Dogs Show Their Love with Body Language

These signs indicate that your dog really loves you:

  • The dog’s body is relaxed: ears are directed forward, soft round eyes.
  • The dog wiggles his eyebrows
  • The dog is looking for your attention
  • Your dog licks you hard
  • The dog is leaning on you

If you observe these behaviors in your dog, it’s a pretty good indicator that he really likes you. However, the last point can also indicate other feelings: your dog may also seek physical contact with you because he is anxious or nervous at the moment. However, it also shows that he perceives you as a guardian with whom he feels safe. So this is actually a great token of love too, isn’t it?

Does Your Dog Love You When It Wags His Tail?

What about typical signs of love like tail wagging? Here the veterinarian requires more careful observation. “When a dog wags its tail it simply means that it is worried about the situation. It might be good, but it doesn’t have to. ”

So it helps if you develop an understanding of your dog’s reactions to different situations: for example, if your dog always wags its tail when you enter a room, it probably means joy. … However, if he wags his tail sharply as soon as he sees other dogs, and at the same time growls, this is more a sign of tension.

Likewise, a dog that shows you its belly can trust you very much. Or he is afraid and therefore accepts this submissive attitude. If your dog can’t show his love right away, don’t worry: “Dogs can trust you and love you, but depending on their own fears, stress level, and experience, it can take a while,” explains the doctor.

So be patient – and show your dog how much he means to you and can rely on you.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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