Helping Your Cat Adjust to New Homes

Are you expecting new meowing roommates in your home? We can only congratulate you on this. Now is the time to think about how to acclimate the kittens. Cats are unique beings who are both self-willed and sensitive. Many compassionate kitties use their fine antennae to sense how their humans are doing and are happy to give consolation if their owner’s condition is not so good. Their sensitivity and seismographic instinct are so pronounced that they can sense phenomena such as earthquakes and storms before they occur.

Getting Kittens Accustomed: When Kitties and Humans Live Together

Despite their sensitive nature, cats are on the other hand very self-sufficient and live on their own terms. A mixture that makes living together with a house tiger very exciting. Life by the side of a beloved cat is guaranteed never to be boring. However, before your potential new roommate moves in, think carefully about how a cat can be reconciled with your living conditions and living conditions. A cat is generally quite compatible with a job. You can do the cat justice even better if you are self-employed and work from home. In general, cats can handle being alone all day.

However, it does not correspond to the lifestyle the cat would choose of its own accord. It is therefore very much in the interests of the animals if you offer several kitties a home. Your cat will appreciate it very much if it receives pats from you in between during the day and you regularly fill its bowl with delicious food during the day.

Before you acclimatize a kitten, you should consider where you can put your cat when you go on vacation – or who can look after her if necessary. If you are acclimatizing a kitten, it makes perfect sense to start the preparations in good time and to furnish your apartment cat-friendly in order to make moving in as comfortable as possible for your cat – and you too.

With the large selection of products for house cats, this is a lot of fun, and you can cultivate the anticipation of your cute newcomer while preparing for his move by getting inspiration online. Your house tiger will be happy if you give him plenty of opportunities to run around, hunt and play – and he will thank you with lots of purring, petting, and stroking around the legs. Apart from that, the chances that your furniture and curtains will be spared are significantly higher if your beloved roommate kitty can sharpen her claws on the scratching posts developed for this purpose.

Getting Kittens Accustomed: Time for Play, Fun, and Excitement

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are acclimatizing a kitten. Among other things, it is important that small kittens in particular are very playful and eager to discover, which can be dangerous in the home.

Both for your cat and for your facility. If your cat should ever try its claws on your favorite sofa and pull strings, be sure to react lovingly and show her, for example, the cat house with a scratching board provided for this purpose.

On the other hand, you can also stimulate the kitten’s strong play and exploration instinct with beautiful toys such as a catfishing rod and delight in the curiosity of your child’s cat. The cat finds everything exciting that moves back and forth, just like the mouse in the wild.

In particular, cats that live in the home appreciate and need some entertainment from their human roommates. Ideally, around a quarter to a third of the day should be devoted to playing with your cat. A cat softball or a Catit Play’n Scratch is suitable for this, for example, which combines several aspects that are highly exciting for the cat: It offers a scratching mat with catnip, a ball, and a springy toy, bringing your imagination and joy to play Stubentigers really in full swing.

However, cats are also very independent, self-sufficient creatures and happy when they can keep themselves busy with a cat play pillow, for example. When cats catch mice, some experts interpret it to mean that the cat is demonstrating how to hunt properly to humans, who are less skilled at it.

Do your cat a favor and be amazed at how it kills its prey – regardless of whether it is a real mouse from the garden or a cat toy. Just like humans, cats also like to do what corresponds to their true nature, their disposition. And a man should give his loved one the opportunity to do so.

Acclimatizing Kittens: the Litter Box

Cats are naturally very keen on cleanliness and can even be a little pedantic if the litter box does not meet their hygiene requirements. This is why it is important that you clean the litter box very regularly. Small cats that have previously lived in a species-appropriate manner with a good owner are usually already used to going to the litter box. Even so, your mini tiger may have a mishap. In this case, you should by no means rant, but rather show yourself understanding and explore the underlying causes. If it happens more often, an illness may be the reason.

In that case, you should have a qualified veterinarian clarify that, for example, a bladder infection is not the trigger for the pee mishaps. Before doing this, however, it is important to check whether the litter box meets all of your cat’s requirements. So that your cat feels comfortable, the litter box should offer plenty of space. You can find information on the right litter box in our article “Which litter box is the right one?”

This will keep your cat from feeling cramped. Especially when she then meticulously buried her legacies in the litter, as she would outside in the great outdoors. Litter boxes that are tailored to your cat’s needs are available, for example, in the form of a hooded toilet.

In this way, any odors do not escape into your living space. There is also a very large selection of products for cat litter. You may try different types of litter and find out which litter your beloved cat feels most comfortable with.

Bowls and Drinking Fountains: a Matter of Good Taste

House tigers have a sweet tooth. In order for our furry gourmets to feel really comfortable at home, it is important that they taste really good. Because not only humans but also furry four-legged friends always like to return to where it tastes good. Love also goes through the stomach in a kitty. In order for cats to get their money’s worth in culinary terms, they need the right food – and water.

When you acclimate a kitten, you should make sure that the bowls for food and water are in separate places. So it corresponds to the conditions that the cat finds outside in nature. Out in the wild, there is a risk that the water could be contaminated with blood or prey. The cat instinctively drinks in a different place than where it takes its food.

For this reason, the food bowl should be a few meters away from the water bowl. A highlight is the drinking fountains for cats, which let the water bubble a little. This imitates the moving water of a pond, for example, where the cat would quench its thirst outside in nature. By the way, a good bowl is made of high-quality glass, ceramic or stainless steel.

In fact, it is known that not overeating is generally more beneficial to the health of the cat. If the cat is physically weak, it can of course be appropriate to feed it more in phases. The roommate kitty is sure to taste particularly good from a beautiful ceramic bowl with a motif. Bowls with beautiful or funny motifs also look good in the home. People and pussies enjoy it.

A non-slip cat bowl is very trendy and prevents your cat from pushing the bowl across the apartment because of the sheer joy of eating. If you are lucky enough to have several cats among your roommates, it can be advantageous for the cats if you give them several feeding places. In this way, you prevent so-called “resource use”. This means that the cats want to claim the food or the feeding place for themselves.

It can be expressed, for example, by one cat “pawing” the other or blocking her access to the bowl. Kitties can sometimes behave in the same way with regard to the scratching post or the place to sleep. Such behavior can lead to tension under certain circumstances. You can counteract this wonderfully by giving each cat its own space. Then peace in the multi-cat household is ensured. When it comes to eating, the following applies in any case: if the cat likes it, you can, by and large, be sure that it is fine. And if the cat is fine, the person who shares the home with her will be happy.

Cat Beds and Cozy Caves: Oases of Calm for Sleeping and Relaxing

One of the cat’s greatest “hobbies” is sleeping. She has that in common with some people. Cats also like to spend the day in gentle slumber. Up to 16 hours a day (this corresponds to 76%) the snub-nosed house cats are in the land of dreams. The little tigers especially like to oversleep on rainy days because they know that they don’t miss much outside. In their sleep, cats work through what they have experienced while hunting, playing, and romping about. They process all of their adventures – to be open to new experiences.

Sleep is also a very relaxing source of energy for the cat because being a hunter can be exhausting and it costs the cat energy. But even if we have a cat that doesn’t seem to hunt that much, sleeping is usually one of the favorite habits, even with these kitties. When introducing kittens, you should be aware that kittens sleep up to 90% of the day. And no matter whether they are sleeping or playing – the mini kitties are cute to look at in everything! We humans could more often take an example from our beloved mini-tigers and take more breaks from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, which is often more about doing than about being.

The cat likes to show us how to do it. With the selection of cozy cuddly beds, cuddly caves, and reclining hollows for our meowing roommates, it is only too easy to understand that cats prefer to take naps for several hours.

By the way, when cats sleep, their body temperature drops sharply. A cozy bed or a cave means that the kitty is always cozy and warm and does not cool down. Cats also like to slumber on comfortable lying surfaces specially built for this purpose.

The scratching post fulfills various feline preferences – from sharpening claws to sleeping. It is always nice to look at a cat as it wakes up. The cat stretches and stretches with the aim of stretching all of its muscles after the sleep phase. After getting up, some people do the well-known cat hump or go to the scratching post or scratching board in order to stretch out again.

Please leave the cat undisturbed during the important regeneration phase of sweet slumber, so that it can recharge its batteries for its big and small adventures in peace. Sooner or later your beloved cat will get up voluntarily – at the latest when it feels hungry. And that, too, as we know, is a very common phenomenon among furry gourmets. And after it has been breastfed, she often lies down again and sleeps. Eat, sleep, repeat.

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