Good Start for Little Hamsters

Anyone who decides on a hamster must know: This cute guy with soft fur and black button eyes is a real breakaway king. If you want a hamster to move in, you need one thing above all else: a cage that your new pet cannot escape from. If you pay attention to it, the little one will certainly give you a lot of pleasure. Because a hamster is lively and active at dawn and is fun to be with.

A Stable Cage for the Escape King

When evening falls, your hamster gets going. As a staunch loner, he doesn’t need a conspecific. You can use a mesh cage with a plastic bottom tray for hamsters as a cage. Let the Fressnapf staff advise you on what is suitable for your little one. The container should be stable, and climbing opportunities for lively contemporaries are most welcome. Attention: the dwarf can open a sliding door in no time at all! You can also use a terrarium, but here it is more difficult to mount devices for climbing. Even if the hamster is a small animal: A large cage and free-range are very important.

Impeller, Sleeping House, Bowl, and Trough

As already mentioned, your hamster wants to move. That’s why he needs a big balance bike to let off steam. Look for a model that the little one cannot get caught in. Your new pet needs a cozy sleeping house to sleep in. You should put a second house in the large cage – your pet will use this as a pantry. Because hamsters are known to hamsters. Hamsters also need a sand bath for grooming; a clay bowl filled with chinchilla sand is suitable for this. In addition to a water trough, you put two small, but non-tilting food bowls in the cage. You can create climbing opportunities with accessories from your Fressnapf store, for example, ladders, and non-toxic fruit tree branches. Also, offer your little one hay and unbleached cellulose so that he can upholster his little house in a cuddly soft way. Wood chips are suitable as litter.

Transport Box for the Way Home

When you pick up your hamster, put it in a sturdy transport box. He quickly gnawed his way through a box. You then put the box in the cage so that he can come out if he wants to. Hamsters become hand-tamed very quickly – if you entice your pet with a small treat, it will certainly come up to you on the third day. Soon you will be able to play with him and build him little adventure courses.

And That’s on the Hamster Menu

You should offer some fresh food every day and protein (quark) once or twice a week. Be careful with nuts – these are eaten with pleasure, but make you fat. As a treat, give a piece of apple or a piece of dandelion, then your dwarf will stay in shape.

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