Globules For Dogs: Complete List, Dosage & Use

So you are looking for a list of globules for dogs?

That fits super, because we have just such a list for you here!

There are many ways to recover from illness, accident, shock or trauma. Finding the right one for you or your animal is the crux!

What always helps is to inform yourself! Homeopathy or globules for dogs can also help.

This is a very exciting and far-reaching topic. In this article you can get a first overview and then decide for yourself how deep you want to delve.

In a nutshell: when can I give my dog ​​globules?

You can give your dog globules, for example, after bites, operations or accidents. Bruises, bruises and sprains heal faster with the administration of Arnica.

Nux vomica globules help, for example, after constipation caused by overeating or chronic inflammation of the colon.

In order to find the right remedy for your dog, you should have an anamnesis carried out by an animal homeopath!

List of globules for dogs: homeopathic medicine chest

There are more than 1700 different raw materials in use for homeopathic medicines, 80% of which are of plant origin, the remaining 20% are animal, mineral or chemical substances.

Our list includes 10 of 1700 basic substances that can be used to make globules for dogs.

In order to find the remedy that is optimally tailored to your dog, you need an animal homeopath, a veterinarian who works on a homeopathic level or a lot of knowledge yourself!

When choosing the right remedy, many factors play a role.

Good to know:

In any case, what is really cool is that you can get a homeopathic medicine kit, which you can use to treat your dog supportively in some cases.

However, it is important to mention that the administration of globules does not replace a trip to the vet!

List of all globules for dogs

Middle Complaint
Arnica,  Perennial Wars Bruise
Cantharis,  Pareira brava severe, acute cystitis
Aethusa chronic diarrhea from milk in puppies
Hyoscyamus, Phosphorus catch flies
Cardiospermum allergy in general
Borax Fear of fireworks
Ignatia Aggressiveness through pseudopregnancy
Sulfur,  potassium arsenic shed
Calendula,  Stinging nettle First degree burns

As you can see, there are globules for dogs to support the immune system in numerous complaints.

It is also interesting that there is not just one remedy for e.g. diarrhea, but several for the different types (smell, color, consistency, frequency, etc.).

In order to find the perfect remedy for your dog, your dog’s preferences, behavior and personality are also included in the medical history.

With many complaints, there are several remedies that could fit. For a layman it is sometimes difficult to find out which is the right one for the character of my dog.

We recommend that you have a professional anamnesis done by an animal homeopath!

We can recommend this to you:

Maybe you have a biased opinion of Globulis? Dive a little deeper into animal homeopathy to decide what you think of mother tinctures and potentizations.

Homeopathic remedies: use and dosage

The use of homeopathic remedies is usually not difficult. There are globules (small beads) for dogs as well as drops or tablets with the same effect.

Since homeopathic remedies are mostly absorbed through the oral mucosa, you should always put them in your dog’s clean mouth.

That means: half an hour before or after eating.

The dosage depends on the potency and type of drug, the individual sensitivities of the patient and the type of disease. You can use globules for dogs both as long-term therapy and for a single dose.

A dose always corresponds to 5 globules, 5 drops or 1 tablet.

Low potencies (1X, 2X – 6X) are often administered 3-4x a day, while medium potencies (8X, 10X – 30X) are only given 1-2 times a day and high potencies (over 30X) are given once.

In the case of high potencies, you have to wait about 6 weeks and only then repeat the administration if necessary. But even a single dose of THE RIGHT MEDICATION can bring about healing!

Please always inform yourself specifically about the dosage for the product you want to give your dog!

Can I simply treat my dog ​​with globules myself?

Yes, after you have acquired some knowledge, you can treat your dog very well with globules yourself.

However, you should know what a mother tincture is and how it changes through potentization.

If you treat your dog yourself at home, you should consider the following:

From the mother tincture to the D30, strictly follow the prescriptions of the homeopath (the more knowledge you have, the more confident you will be here)!
Never give your dog a higher potency than D30 on your own!


Unlike medicines for humans, homeopathic remedies are not tested on animals but on humans. In this case, the animals are the ones that benefit from the experiments on humans.


Homeopathic remedies can be excellent for recovery from illness, trauma, shock or accidents!

Of course, you should always have the cause of your dog’s discomfort clarified by a veterinarian. Globules for dogs can be used to support a faster recovery.

We recommend that you get a small homeopathic medicine chest. Arnica will help your young savage with bruises, bruises, or sprains. Sulfur provides relief from chronic diarrhea in an elderly dog.

You can carry out many medications yourself at home and the world of drops and pellets is so interesting and effective that it is really worth exploring!

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