Get Rid of Jealousy In Dogs – 3 Causes And 3 Simple Solutions

You have a new partner, a baby or a new pet? That’s actually a cause for celebration, isn’t it? However, our dogs often react very differently than we think. And now you have the salad: Your dog is not happy as expected, but jealous.

If you notice that your dog is reacting jealously, you should investigate the behavior as soon as possible and look for a solution.

Jealousy in your dog is not only stressful for you and your dog, but it can go so far that your dog snaps. Of course it shouldn’t come to that in the first place.

And now to the question: how can I break the habit of jealousy in the dog? In this article you will find the most common reasons and good solutions.

In a nutshell: break the habit of jealousy in your dog

In concrete terms, jealousy in your dog means that someone or something else is getting what the dog wants at the time. The triggers for jealousy in your dog can be many, such as a new pet or a new partner.

In the new situation that has arisen, however, your dog has to share you as a reference person, although he does not want this. This is why the jealous behavior arises.

Your dog is now trying to draw attention to himself in all possible ways. This can range from squeaking to barking, growling, and snapping or biting out of jealousy.

Now it is very important that you do not confirm the dog’s jealousy. If he gets to his goal with a jealous demeanor, he will use this again and again!

My dog is jealous – why?

For your dog, you are number 1 in his life. Now, if something or someone else comes into your life, they are no longer the focus of your affection.

Jealousy in dogs means nothing more than: someone else gets what the dog actually wants. Often the following reasons are the triggers for jealousy in your dog.


Never reward jealous behavior, that’s how you encourage it. If your dog shows jealousy, simply turn away without comment. When he calms down, he gets attention again. This is how you reward calm behavior.

Your dog is jealous of your new partner

If you are in love, it is very clear that your thoughts are not always with your dog. And suddenly a stranger comes into your dog’s apartment, where he gets the same attention as himself.

Many a dog’s hat string bursts and he tries to draw attention to himself with all the means at his disposal. The worst that can happen, your dog is jealous and snaps.

Your dog is jealous of your baby

Babies need a lot of attention. This time is also very exciting for your dog. He not only has to get to know new smells and new sounds, but also that from now on he is no longer the center of attention and your daily routine will change completely.


Never leave a baby/toddler unattended with your dog! Even if your dog is sweet and child-friendly, safety is always the top priority here.

Your dog is jealous of your second dog

You wanted to make your dog happy and got him a second dog as a friend? It often happens that the dogs are actually not as happy about the new situation as they initially thought.

Typical symptoms of jealousy

The following symptoms are typical of jealousy in dogs:

Verbal expressions such as whimpering, squeaking, and howling to the point of growling
Physical expressions such as walking away, jumping up, snapping, and biting.

How can you train jealousy in your dog?

First things first: don’t give your dog any reason to be jealous. Show him that he is still an important part of your life. Don’t miss out on the cuddles and togetherness you’ve had until now.

My tip: rituals

Continue to carry out your rituals or daily routines as before, and enjoy the togetherness of a long walk. This means consistency for your dog and gives him security.

Make getting to know your new partner exciting

The best way to introduce your dog to your new partner is to go for a walk together. So he is not an “intruder” in your dog’s territory, but someone with whom you can do interesting things.

Have your partner feed your dog

If you have known each other for a long time, let your partner feed your dog at your home. In this way, your dog learns that the food resource also comes from your partner.

Playing and having fun together is enormously conducive to bonding.

Set limits

If your dog shows jealous behavior when you and your partner get close, send him to his seat without further ado. You will likely need to repeat this consistently several times. Reward right behavior immediately.

Even with a new partner, keep your own time in which you only do something with your dog.

Baby time and dog time are doable

During your pregnancy, think about how you want to structure the day with your dog and baby. In this way, you can adapt your rituals and processes in advance so that there are no major changes for the dog afterward.


Constancy and regularity means security for your dog.

Clarify in advance who will be spending more time with the dog after the birth. If you are the caregiver and your husband will be taking care of the dog, it is beneficial to train your dog in advance.

Take walks together and play trips with the stroller. This gives your dog the feeling that he can be with you everywhere.

Use the baby-free time “like before” and give your dog your full attention. He will realize that he is still part of it, simply that the group has grown.

Make your second dog a friend – not an enemy

First things first. Don’t favor either dog, give both equal attention.

It’s best to move the first meeting outside. Couple it with a great walk. As a result, both dogs are busy and happy.

Here, too, it is very important for your “old” dog that you stick to the rituals you have carried out up to now. Occasional separate walks where each dog gets your full attention is very helpful.

Do not Scare:

When a new dog moves in, it’s normal for the two to fight from time to time. As long as they don’t get out of hand, let the dogs work it out among themselves.

As soon as the order of precedence has been clarified, calm will return.

What else can I do to break the jealousy habit in my dog?

Dogs that are physically and mentally busy seem to have less of a problem with jealousy. Make sure you give your dog enough exercise to meet its needs.

A dog does not have to be kept busy 24 hours a day. The dog has to learn that he is not the center of attention 24 hours a day. If your dog finds it difficult to calm down, it is beneficial to train conditioned relaxation.


Jealousy in a dog is understandable… He’s no longer the sole focus of your life and of course, he notices this.

Now it is your job as a dog owner to convey to your dog that there is no reason to be jealous.

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