Gerbils Need Space

The German name “Rennmaus” already reveals it: Gerbils are quick as a fiddle and bright and cheerful. That’s why they need a lot of space to move about. The cage must be large – terrariums are also good for gerbils. Appropriate keeping is only possible if the animals have enough space.

When It Comes to the Cage: as Big as Possible

Run and play, climb and romp – that’s what gerbils love. Therefore, your cage or terrarium should be as large as possible, the absolute minimum for two animals is 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm (W X D X H). Your gerbil clan needs a high single cage with the highest possible lower shell, which offers many digging and scrambling options: plains and caves, tubes to run through, roots and ladders to climb around. You can also connect two cages together. Make sure, however, that the gaps between the bars in the cage are not too far, otherwise the animals can escape.

This cannot happen with a terrarium. But you have to secure it upwards with a protective grille because gerbils can jump very high and it has to be well ventilated. Always give them enough bedding so that the gerbils can dig. In addition, you should offer a sleeping house, and as a nest-building material, you should add hay, unbleached cellulose, or wood wool. Put a few stones directly on the ground to give them bridge girders for the tunnels, various tubes made of cork or cardboard can also be offered. A sand bath is also gladly accepted, for example, a bowl that is filled with special, low-dust chinchilla bath sand.

An Adventure Playground for Gerbils

A terrarium or discarded aquarium can also serve as an adventure playground for your gerbils. Otherwise, you should also provide variety in the cage. Treat your gerbils to some species-appropriate toys – the Fressnapf staff will be happy to advise you on what is suitable for gerbils. Rodent castles that you can get in your Fressnapf store are also very varied. Your gerbil will also gladly accept a suitable balance bike. But choose a model that is big enough and that your gerbil cannot get caught or injured.

The Health of Your Gerbil

If your gerbils are active and agile and fit, you can be happy. A healthy gerbil is active, playful, and very curious, has a smooth, shiny coat, large eyes, and a clean nose. On the other hand, there is a red alert if your gerbils no longer want to eat, have diarrhea, are lethargic, have bristling hair, or have mucus and crusts around their eyes or nose. Take a close look at every pet on a daily basis and go to the vet in good time if something changes so that you can identify diseases early.

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