Female Guinea Pigs Flee Cycle-Dependent

Hormones affect the social behavior of guinea pigs. During estrus, the animals increasingly avoid confrontations.

Guinea pigs are social animals that live together in pairs or groups. There is a hierarchy among the animals, which is fought out through confrontations between conspecifics.

According to researchers at the Vetmeduni Vienna, animals that have a sense of when to assert themselves and when to retreat are the most successful and better integrated.

Stress in the hot phase

Stress hormones play a key role in this process, as they mobilize energy in the body for flight or fight. In behavioral experiments with female guinea pigs at different times of the menstrual cycle, the team of scientists observed that aggression occurs independently of the sexual cycle. In the so-called hot phase, however, the animals often fled in the face of the opponent.

On the other hand, peaceful “sitting together” could only be observed during non-estrous periods.

Interestingly, non-receptive animals sought physical contact despite high cortisol levels. This could serve as a stress buffer for the animals, according to study director Glenn.

Frequently Asked Question

Do guinea pigs have cycles?

Female guinea pigs have a cycle of about three weeks, which means they are theoretically ready for insemination by a stately hog every three weeks.

How often do guinea pigs have their periods?

The estrus cycle of female guinea pigs is 13 to 19 days, and the fertility period is around 10 hours; ovulation takes place only after the copulation of the female and male, which lasts only a few seconds and therefore often goes unnoticed.

When should you separate guinea pigs?

After the young have been weaned for 3-5 weeks and weigh at least 220g, they should be separated from the mother. At least the young bucks have to leave the family because they could cover their mother from the 4th week.

When can you give away guinea pigs?

If you want socially stable animals, let them live with adult guinea pigs for at least until they are 8 weeks old. Only if the guinea pigs are integrated into an existing group with adult animals can they be sold at 350 g and 4 – 5 weeks.

How do guinea pigs show happiness?

This courting behavior is called “rumba”. Grunts: Guinea pigs grunt in a friendly manner when greeting others of their species. Chuckling: comfortable Guinea pigs will chuckle and mumble with satisfaction. Demanding Squeaks: Guinea pigs begging for food will squeak loudly and demandingly.

Why do guinea pigs squeak when petted?

Speech of guinea pigs

Quite typical for guinea pigs is the loud begging for food (whistling or squeaking). It is shown whenever guinea pigs are awaiting feeding, often when the keeper comes home when feeding is normally due afterward.

What does a guinea pig do when it feels good?

Chuckles and murmurs: These sounds signal that your animals are comfortable. Grunts: When guinea pigs greet each other in a friendly way, they grunt. Cooing: Cooing sounds are used by guinea pigs to calm themselves and their fellow animals.

How does a guinea pig cry?

They can cry out loud because of pain, hunger, fear, or other reasons to express their feelings. They do not produce tears when they are sad, wet eyes are a sign of health problems and should be clarified with a veterinarian.

Can a guinea pig miss another?

Do guinea pigs feel sadness or loss? From my own experience, I can answer this question with a clear “yes”!

What kind of music do guinea pigs like best?

Guinea pigs hear much better than humans and it is recommended to avoid loud noises and music around them.

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