Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair is a medium to large-sized shorthair cat. She is a short-haired Persian that is easy to groom.

Origin and Breed History

The Exotic Shorthair is a Persian cat with a rather short, plush coat. She came to certain fame through the character of the cat Garfield from the comic series of the same name. Garfield has very human features wrapped up in a cozy, bored, somewhat quirky cat. Garfield is modeled on a red, short-haired Persian cat that has been specifically bred for about 80 years. Such cats are now called Exotic Shorthair or Exotic Shorthair. Persian cats themselves are among the oldest pedigree cats at all. They probably already existed in ancient times. However, their history is unclear. As early as 1620, the Italian traveler Pietro Della Valle reported about a beautiful long-haired cat in the Persian city of Khorasan. The French Nicolas Fabri de Peiresc is said to have introduced them to France later. Since then she has been called the French cat. In the middle of the 19th century, however, the British took the lead in breeding Persian cats.

The name Angora cat was common until 50 years ago. Recent research by geneticists suggests its roots in the long-haired Russian cats, which were widespread, albeit rarely, throughout Europe. She is a big cat who looks confident and sublime. She takes life with a serenity seldom found in cats. She has almost completely given up the ferocity of her ancestors. This made her a perfect, cuddly, and loyal companion for people. The long-haired fur of the Persian cats requires a certain amount of care. Therefore, the desire for a Persian with short fur arose early on. For this purpose, British shorthair and other short-haired cats were crossed in the USA. This is how the Exotic Shorthair was born. She has combined the cuddly, cozy nature of the Persian cat with the plush but easy-care fur of a British Shorthair.

In 2016 the German veterinary associations called for the avoidance of torture breeding under the motto “Not sweet, but tormented” and mentioned the Persian cat, among other things. Your problem is the ever-shorter nose and the associated deformation of the entire skull. Because these can lead to severe breathing and eye problems, among other things. An Exotic Shorthair doesn’t need a misshapen skull to be a real and typical Exotic Shorthair with its unique, wonderful charisma. For many centuries, Persians and thus Exotic Shorthair had normal, functional, healthy snouts. The healthy bred Exotic Shorthair is a great addition to the world of cat lovers. Because she is a cheerful companion and an ideal cat for the whole family. It shares the same standard with the Persian cat to this day. The Exotic Shorthair was recognized by the Fédération Internationale Féline (FiFe) in 1949.


Exotic Shorthair and Persian have a common standard that only differs in terms of the requirements for the fur and the tail. Like the Persian, the Exotic Shorthair is said to have a strong body and a large, powerful head. The standard calls for a round, massive, very broad skull. But he also demands a nose

Sometimes it comes to extreme breeding, in which the animals have an extremely recessed nose, which hinders free breathing and can damage the tear ducts. This can result in constant watery eyes, inflammation in the nose and throat, and even discomfort when eating. Childbirth is also not infrequently problematic due to the sometimes oversized heads and then requires a cesarean section.

Exotic Shorthair cats are also cozy in terms of their body shape. The standard writes about the fur: “Short, dense, plush and soft in texture. Standing out from the body thanks to the dense undercoat.” Exotic Shorthair males can weigh up to 9 kilograms without having to be overweight, cats weigh 4 to 7 kilograms.

Temperament and Essence

The comic figure of the cat Garfield creates a realistic picture of the nature of an Exotic Shorthair, albeit with a wink. Due to the large, round, short-nosed head with large, shining eyes, one instinctively tends to humanize such cats. And indeed, its existence as a companion cat for generations, reinforced by breeding, has produced a creature that is extraordinarily human-centered for a cat. She seeks closeness to her people and usually develops a close bond with them.

It is suitable both as a real family cat and as a charming partner for singles. She is attentive and very intelligent and knows her people very well. Exotic Shorthair loves the quiet life with their humans. You can already play a prank that makes you smile. Of course, they like to move around in nature, but they can also only be kept indoors. Exotic Shorthair cats have a wonderfully calming and relaxing charisma. They are affectionate but do not allow themselves to be captured and live their own proud personality.


Cats of this breed are ideal for the home. They are undemanding and frugal with regard to their keeping, assuming healthy breeding without exaggeration. What is important for this breed of cats is the intimate relationship with their two-legged friends – they love to be with people. She also enjoys being close to her animal partners in her family. However, both the Exotic Shorthair and the dog should have been used to each other with patience. You don’t have to be outdoors to feel good all around. But she doesn’t want to be left alone for long. Exotic Shorthair is very easy to get along with and get along with children, all friends of the family, and other pets.


The Exotic Shorthair can be trained very well for a cat because it is intelligent, balanced in nature, and people-related.

Care and Health

The fur of the Exotic Shorthair is easy to care for, brushing here and there is enough – provided that it is bred properly.

Diseases Typical of the Breed

In some cases, breeds of Exotic Shorthair cats suffer from severe inbreeding. This can then lead to immunodeficiency, sickness, and shortened life expectancy in some cats of the breed. With the Exotic Shorthair, as with the Persian, there can be a number of hereditary diseases and problems with overbreeding that are widespread inbreeding. You should especially make sure that the nose is not too short, the eyes and the head are not too big.


As a rule, the exotic shorthair is relatively problem-free for cats.

Life Expectancy

An Exotic Shorthair, without any breeding exaggerations, is very long-lived. Bred carefully and healthily, it can easily live to be more than 15 years old.

Buy Exotic Shorthair

If you want to get an Exotic Shorthair cat, you can first look around in animal shelters. Every now and then you will also find an exotic shorthair or a Persian or a hybrid with these as ancestors. In the case of a litter, no ancestor should be named twice in the family tree in order to rule out excessive inbreeding. Both parents should also be tested negative for their common hereditary diseases. Reputable breeders indicate this on their own. Of course, the kittens should be vaccinated, dewormed, and chipped several times. A seriously bred Exotic Shorthair kitten from a healthy line should cost around 1000 euros.

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