Eager to Take Puppies After Your Female Dog?

There is nothing cozier than when you finally get to bring home your eight-week-old puppy. But have you thought about what solid work breeders do? All the work behind the little creature you now have to take over the responsibility for?

Being a breeder, even at the hobby level, is a big responsibility. For it to be really good, a lot of knowledge, commitment, and time is required. Here, Hanna Nilsson, the Golden Retriever breeder shares some experiences and wise advice.

Important with Healthy Parents

The most important thing is that your female dog should be healthy, both mentally and physically. It should not have any fears, such as fear of fireworks, as fears are very easy to pass on to the next generation and it should in my opinion be able to add something to your race. So just taking puppies because you have a nice dog may be a less thoughtful idea.

When you have found the perfect male, who also has all of the above, and feels that you can really stand for the intended combination, it is important that the bitch and the male like each other. It’s not obvious. But if everything seems to be going well, you only know after a number of weeks of waiting if it has worked out. However, the uncertainty does not end there – no, then it is easy to worry that the bitch will go full time, that the birth will be uncomplicated and that the puppies that come out are visibly healthy.

Nail Cut, Real Food, and Puppy Buyers

But hopefully, everything goes well, and now comes a couple of quiet weeks in the puppy box where the female takes care of most things. But then the breeder job takes over with claw cutting, wild puppies that are to be introduced to ordinary food, want to explore the surroundings, be environmentally trained, and have good self-confidence, all so that they are so well prepared for the new life of puppy buyers and it’s time to talk puppy buyers, it can take a lot of time and effort. Everyone wants to make sure that they get the perfect puppy, and of course, you want your puppy buyers to be perfect for your puppy.

Breeder life from the outside can probably be seen as completely cozy with puppies, but there is a lot of work behind serious breeding and safe puppies. But when it comes to us, a litter a year is enough – then you have time to long for all that work again.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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