Dogs in the Workplace

For many dog ​​owners, it is a challenge to reconcile work and dog ownership. It’s nice if the dog can come to work with you from time to time. And also practical – if, for example, there is unexpectedly no possibility of looking after the dog at home.

“However, many employees shy away from speaking to their superiors about this request,” says Steffen Beuys from the German Animal Welfare Association. Dogs have been shown to improve the working atmosphere and have a positive influence on motivation and productivity.

Tips for everyday office life with a dog:

  • In any case, the dog should be offered a quiet place to retreat to. With the usual blanket and favorite toy, the dog can quickly be given its regular place.
  • It is also important that the dog always has access to fresh water and is fed at its usual times.
  • Not to forget: The dog needs exercise, which is why walking the dog should be planned and regulated. Tip: It’s worth asking your colleagues. Some people are happy about a walk with the dog outdoors and then go to the next meeting with more motivation.
  • The relaxed office dog should also be used to behaving calmly and not being constantly noticed. Loud barking or happily jumping at other people are undesirable. In short: the dog must be well-trained and socialized.

Overall, the presence of the dog has a calming effect. And colleagues are welcome to pet the animal – this also increases the well-being of stressed workaholics.

Incidentally, there is no legal right to keep a dog in the workplace. Whether the dog may be brought along is subject to the employer’s consent and should also be clarified beforehand with colleagues in the same office.

Ava Williams

Written by Ava Williams

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