Dogo Argentino: Dog Breed Information & Characteristics

Country of origin: Argentina
Shoulder height: 60 -68 cm
Weight: 40 – 45 kg
Age: 11 – 13 years
Color: white
Use: hunting dog, guard dog

The Dogo Argentino ( Argentinian Mastiff ) is a powerful and relatively large dog with a pure white short coat. As a hunting and protection dog, it has a strong fighting instinct, is fast, and has stamina. In the family environment, it is friendly, cheerful, and uncomplicated. However, he needs consistent and competent leadership, since male dogs in particular are very dominant and territorial.

Origin and history

The Dogo Argentino was bred in Argentina in the early 1920s from crosses between mastiff-like breeds and fighting dogs specifically for hunting large game (wild boar, big cats). The white color was bred to the hounds to protect them from a missed shot by the hunter. The breed was only recognized by the FCI in 1973 – as the first and only Argentine breed.


The Dogo Argentino is a relatively large dog with harmonious proportions and a very athletic build. The neck and head are strong and the ears are usually pendulous but are also cropped in some countries.

Its fur is short, smooth, and soft. The hair varies in density depending on the climatic conditions. Undercoat formation can also occur in a cold climate. The pure white color of the Dogo Argentino is striking. Dark spots may appear in the head area. The nose and eyes are also black or dark brown. The short coat is very easy to care for.


In his family, the Dogo Argentino is a very friendly, cheerful, and undemanding companion who also barks little. It is suspicious of strangers. It is territorial and rather incompatible with other male dogs. Therefore, the Dogo must be socialized very early on and used to strangers and dogs.

The Argentine Mastiff has strong hunting behavior and a lot of self-confidence. Therefore, the powerful and fast dog needs competent and consistent leadership. It is also not suitable for couch potatoes, but for sporty people who can do a lot with their dogs.


The Dogo Argentino is – like all animals with a white coat color – demonstrably more frequently affected by hereditary deafness or skin diseases. Since the breed is also relatively young in Europe, the right choice of breeder is particularly important. In the case of certified breeders, the parent animals must be healthy and free from aggressive behavior.

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