Dog Protective Vests for Hunting

High-quality vests and jackets, which are intended to protect the dog in the cold and poorly lit season and especially when hunting, are quite common today. For many a modern huntsman, leading a hunting dog without a robust dog protection vest and a tracking device is no longer imaginable. After all, a dog protection vest can be life-saving in a confrontation with a defensive wild animal. We give tips on what to look out for when buying a protective dog vest:

Resistant material and optimal fit

An essential point when choosing the right dog protection vest is the quality and composition of the material as well as the fit of the vest. The vest must not be too small and restrict the dog’s freedom of movement. It shouldn’t pinch or pinch anywhere. Likewise, the waistcoat must not be too big and too loose. Otherwise, there is a risk that the dog will rub itself sore or that the vest will get caught in the undergrowth or on branches when walking. Dog protection vests are therefore often made to measure. In addition, it is an advantage if the vest is also size-adjustable so that it can be adjusted if the dog’s weight fluctuates.

In any case, the material should be resistant to punctures, bites, and tears, and at the same time, the vest must not be too heavy so that the dog does not tire too quickly. The material should also be breathable so that heat cannot build up.

Functions of a protective vest

With protective vests on the hunt, the dog is protected in the chest and abdominal area against attacks, eg by wild boar. With an optimal fit, the four-legged friend can move unhindered and adapt his speed to the situation. Another important aspect, especially in the winter months, is protection from the cold and wet. A vest made of the thicker fabric does not necessarily offer better protection. In order not to lose sight of the four-legged hunting helper even at a great distance, the fabric of the vest should have a conspicuously bright color that still has a sufficient signal effect even when heavily soiled.

Find the right dog protection vest

In principle, the protective vest should be chosen according to the hunting dog’s preferred area of ​​application. So there are protective vests for the terrain and those that were specially made for hunting in the water. Dog protective vests made of neoprene are suitable for water hunting, as they insulate relatively well, are breathable, and do not suck in water. For use in mountainous or flat terrain, the vest should provide good protection around the dog’s neck and chest to protect it from injury. The material should withstand all loads, even in very rough terrain.

Whether you need a very hard-wearing protective dog vest for hunting or a simple dog reflective vest, the trade offers a wide range of models for small and large dog breeds.

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