Dog In The Office: No One Thinks About These Sources Of Danger

Taking your dog to work in the office usually helps to relax the atmosphere in the office, but what is meant by good can go wrong. Because printers and companies can be dangerous.

Therefore, when you take your dog to the office, always check the office furniture for possible risk factors, advises Aktion Tier.

Shredders, printers, and power cables, for example, carry the risk of accidents, so you need to secure them securely.

Veterinarian Tina Hölscher reports, for example, a case where a dog gnawed on a fountain cable in the office, and it cost him his life, according to Hölscher. “We also had to treat an escaped rat that hit its head on the printer,” explains the doctor. As a result of this incident, the rat was treated for several months.

Dog in the Office: Plants and Cleaning Products are Dangerous

Even plants can be dangerous to your pet. Species poisonous to animals are, for example, the popular Benjamin’s ficus, poinsettia, and begonias. They should only be placed so that they cannot be chewed.

Detergents and other chemicals are not on the pet’s menu, but toilet stones and dishwasher tablets are also good for play if unsafe stored. If accidentally swallowed, they damage the quadruped stomach – just like chocolate bars or grapes.

Hölscher advises keeping the food and snacks you bring with you “safe from theft.”

Mary Allen

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