Do You Have a Dog That Does Not Like to Drive?

Maybe it is motion sick, scared, or in pain? It is important to find out the causes first before you know how you can help it.

It is unnatural for dogs to get around by car, therefore driving requires training and getting used to. If the job is done, most guys usually find peace in vehicles, associating them with something positive as the trunk often opens up for the adventure. Then there are those who do not get used to it. The reasons can be several.

Driving Sickness or Fear?

Motion sickness is common in puppies. If the environment moves, puppies easily become dizzy and the feeling of seasickness takes over. Most people grow out of it, but some dogs are more sensitive to movement changes.

Another cause is fear. Fear of sound (may occur suddenly in otitis media); engine noise, vibration, tire, and brake noise can be frightening. Or the fear is rooted in bad experiences, even traumatized, like a car accident. Maybe the dog has been left alone in the car without sufficient training or someone has knocked on the window when the car was parked.

Unfamiliar or Noisy?

It can also hurt to drive a car. High-frequency sounds can cut painfully in the ears, for example, if the dog has an ongoing ear infection or it hurts in the back from bumps and turns.

Bases the dog’s reluctance in pure unaccustomedness, take in the car cage at home and lump in the dog’s favorite blankets, toss on nice legs. Create a place where enjoyment, peace, and quiet prevail. When the dog appreciates the cage, take 5-10 minutes a day and put the dog in the cage in the car, put yourself in the front seat, do not drive away! Then step up the training gradually, do not stress.

Advice Against Motion Sickness

The problem is due to motion sickness; Do not give food or water for a couple of hours before driving. Drive calmly, rest often, and make sure the dog is well ventilated and cool. Make sure that the cage is properly anchored. You can also try letting the dog ride in a seat belt harness in the front seat, a glance at the horizon can soften. There are over-the-counter and prescription motion sickness tablets. Always consult your veterinarian before.

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