Declare A War On Dog Hair: This Way Your Apartment Stays Clean

Dog owners know this: the dog plays and rolls on the floor, after a walk on the wool, dirt appears – and a little later – on the carpet at home. Plus, hair is all over the apartment … We give tips on how to keep your house clean despite your dog.

Dog hair and dirt are everywhere in the apartment: if you want to avoid this, you need to properly groom your dog’s coat. It is best to thoroughly brush your dog several times a week – outdoors, of course.

This is recommended regardless of whether the coat is long, medium, or short. Because how much dirt gets stuck in the coat and how much wool an animal loses depends less on the length of the coat.

Dirt Gets Into the Undercoat More Easily

The layers of fur are much more important: in animals, they can be single-layered, but also multi-layered – then dogs have an undercoat in addition to the topcoat.

Dogs with multi-layered fur tend to lose a lot of their coat. Because dirt gets into the undercoat much more easily, the expert explains. Long-haired dogs do automatically produce more mud than short-haired dogs, Borchmann says.

Help Your Dog Change His Coat

Combing will help remove loose old fur. And: the remaining undercoat does not tangle and stays clean. This is the only way to provide the skin with sufficient air. “Brushing also stimulates blood circulation in the skin,” explains Borkhmann. The sebaceous glands of the skin work optimally with air and good blood circulation. As a result, germs, fungi, and dandruff cannot spread.

In the fall and spring, many dogs especially lose their coat when changing their coat. The expert recommends that if you want to support your pet and keep the dog’s hair out of the house, you should brush your dog shortly every day. Nevertheless, of course, dog hair will inevitably be throughout the apartment. And then only a good vacuum cleaner will help …

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