Chewing Bones: Toothbrush that Makes Dogs Happy

“Mom, I haven’t eaten any treats today!” Doggie pleading looks say a lot, don’t they? Of course, each chewing should be deducted from the daily amount of food so that extra pounds do not accumulate on the dog’s thighs. But: chewing really makes sense. Let’s explain why.

Popular Chewable Dental Care Products

Chewing is more than just a treat – it is chewable dental care. Dental gummies have been designed to keep the pearly white color healthy, clean, and white over time. They taste good and are so stable that the dog has to chew longer.

It uses all of its teeth while chewing, saliva flows, and the chewing shaft structure, which usually has edges and grooves, cleans the teeth at the same time – the gums also stay in shape while chewing. Some gummies even contain herbs to prevent bad breath.

All in all: a healthy treat, definitely more fun than a toothbrush and toothpaste. However, these treats are low in calories and should be used sparingly.

Low-Calorie Snacks

Other gummy foods that are also nutritious are lower in calories. At the top of the list is the field-proven buffalo skin bone, followed by beef, pig, or rabbit ears. However, ears contain more fat and therefore are not as low in calories.

It is quite another matter to bite off deer antlers, which are comfortable in weight and shape. And then there’s the bull pizza, which is an absolute hit for dogs but smells pretty hot.

Dogs and Gummies Must Be Compatible

Dogs chew such objects for a long time – and they really like it. But: You have to make sure your dog can handle it. The size of the chewing bone should correspond to the size of the dog – the Pinscher will quickly surrender in annoyance to the giant bone. Conversely, St. Bernard will simply swallow the mini chewy bones.

Puppies and Senior Dogs Have Different Needs

Age also plays a role in chewing food choices: Puppies love smaller, softer chewing bones, which can also be fortified with calcium for their teeth. On the other hand, older people can no longer bite: smaller and softer chewing bones are also suitable for them.

Buy Chewed Foods Wisely

Regardless of the chewed product: Chewing makes dogs truly happy. At the same time, the jaw is kept in shape, the teeth are rubbed and the boredom goes away. The focus should be on correct size and firmness as well as calories.

Tip: Buy chew foods that are as natural as possible, low in fat and sugar. Then chewing is not only fun and makes sense, but also does not cause any remorse.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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