Chart Polski (Polish Greyhound): Dog Breed Characteristics

Country of origin: Poland
Shoulder height: 68 – 80 cm
Weight: 26 – 32 kg
Age: 12 – 14 years
Colour: all colors
Use: sports dog, companion dog

The Polish Greyhound ( Chart Polski ) is a relatively heavily built, large, and muscular greyhound. He is considered to be above-average intelligent, relatively easy to handle, and very affectionate. Like most greyhounds, he needs plenty of exercises.

Origin and history

The Chart Polski is a very traditional Polish sighthound breed believed to be descended from Saluki-type Asian sighthounds. The first literary mentions of the Polish dog type come from the 13th century. He was primarily used by the Polish nobility when hunting hares, foxes, and wolves on horseback. After World War II, the breed population declined dramatically. It was generally considered extinct, especially since hunting with greyhounds was banned throughout Poland as early as 1946. But few specimens had survived among farming families who needed the dogs for poaching.


With a shoulder height of up to 80 cm, the Polish greyhound is a very large dog. With a body weight of around 30 kg, he is also quite strongly built, but by no means appears clumsy or sluggish. In appearance, it is significantly stronger and more muscular than other short-haired sighthound breeds.

It has a long, narrow skull with dark, expressive eyes and medium-sized ears that are folded back and erect when excited. The tail is long, drooping, and feathered. The coat of the Polish greyhound is short and rather coarse and can come in all color variations.


The Polish greyhound is a very self-confident, robust, and persistent dog. It is alert but not aggressive. It meets strange dogs with a lot of self-confidence, but towards strangers, it behaves reserved to indifferent.

Like most greyhound breeds, the Chart Polski also enters into an extremely intimate relationship with its people. It is quite submissive, intelligent, and docile and can be trained to be an obedient companion dog with loving consistency. Compared to other greyhound breeds, it is considered to be extremely easy to handle. Especially at home, the Chart Polski is a very pleasant dog because it is calm and balanced.

In addition to close family contact, the passionate runner and hunter need a lot of exercise and space to run around. If Chart Polski is obedient, it is also possible to run free in wild-free areas. Otherwise, you have to satisfy your pronounced joy of movement in races or coursing.

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