Care Participation: Responsibility & Closeness to the Horse

A true lover of these noble animals can hardly imagine a life without a horse. But it is not always possible to have your own horse. The concept of care participation is a good way to still build up closeness to the four-legged friends – from which both sides can benefit.

Reasons for Participation in Care

A horse is not just for riding. Like all other animals, it needs affection and care. Especially if, for example, it is not or can no longer be ridden because of its age, it still does not want to miss out on contact with people. Conversely, there are also people who are not really into riding, but who appreciate being close to a horse. Or they are just starting to ride and do not want to or cannot have their own horse yet. So there are many constellations in which care participation is the perfect solution for horse and rider.

The Tasks of a Care Participation

In contrast to the participation in riding, as the name suggests, in the participation in care only the horse is cared for and not ridden. This means that the person taking care of the care takes the horse for a walk, mucking up his box and cleaning and grooming the horse. Harrows, brushes, and whatever else you need are usually provided by the stable or the owner. Of course, you can also bring your own cleaning supplies – it’s also fun to buy something for your beloved horse.

The most important thing for those involved, however, is usually: You can cuddle a lot with the horse – so you can build a real relationship with the animal, which is often not the case in riding lessons on school horses.

The Difference Between Riding Participation and Care Participation

We have already mentioned the biggest difference: The horse may not be ridden in the care participation. In addition, the care participation is also suitable for inexperienced riders who simply want to deal with a horse and want to develop a relationship with it. Care participation can be useful, especially for children, as it is usually not associated with costs – after all, you help the horse owner.

The Advantages of Participation in Care for Horse Owners

Many horse owners are fully employed, which is why there can be a lack of time. So it’s nice to know that your darling is in safe hands and is being looked after. In principle, participation in care is intended as reaching under the arms. The horse owner does not have to worry about the fact that his horse might be ridden incorrectly and thereby acquire bad habits – a danger that is very real when participating in riding.

The Benefits of Care Participation for Carers

In the care participation, grooms are primarily allowed to spend time with the horse. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have with riding, just how well you can handle the animal. Often, however, there is the option for those interested that after a few months the participation in care can be upgraded to participation in riding – especially if the chemistry between rider and groom and, above all, horse and groom is right.

In this sense, care participation can really be the first step towards your own horse. First and foremost, however, it is a great opportunity to develop closeness and take responsibility for a great animal. Because the moment counts here.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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