Car Trips With the Dog

For most dogs, a short drive is no problem – a reward in the form of a long walk in the countryside beckons. If you are planning to take your dog on holiday by car, you should take the necessary safety precautions and – especially in summer – keep an eye on your dog’s needs so that the journey does not become a strain.

Before drive

Before a long drive, the dog should have had plenty of time to run and let off steam so that it sleeps as much as possible while driving. Don’t just pack your suitcase, but also all the utensils for your dog: collar, leash, muzzle, water bowl, and water, and poop bag.


Dogs are to be accommodated in such a way that as little as possible can happen in the event of an emergency stop or an accident. They must also not get in the way of the driver. For the safe transport of dogs, there are transport cages, dog belts, or safety nets.

To avoid any risk, the dog should always sit in the back of the car, buckled up with a harness or a dog seat belt. In station wagons and vans, the loading area offers an ideal berth. However, the transport space should be separated by a stable grid or safety net. These must be adapted to the size of the interior. Special, permanently mountable transport boxes also serve as an alternative.

Regular breaks

Break longer car journeys after two hours at the latest so that your dog can do its business and get some exercise and water.

Heat protection

Protect your dog from too much heat and draft! It is best to plan the car trip in the cooler morning or evening hours. Otherwise, cover a car window with a cloth to create a shady spot. If it is very hot, place a damp towel on your dog’s back.

Feed sparingly

Give your dog its last proper meal about four hours before you travel. Driving with a full stomach is also a burden for the dog. Do not feed him until the destination is reached. While driving, a chew bone can provide distraction.

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