Canaries Can Always Have a Little More Play

The motto for a canary is: it can never be enough when playing. The bright yellow birds are very curious and need a lot of variety, lots of exercise, and even more fun. Therefore, free flight lessons, climbing frames, and delicacies are the right mix to avoid boredom.

Give Wings to Treats?

Since canaries are not only constantly on the lookout for new challenges, but above all are not loathers of food, a climbing frame made of fresh twigs from the garden with small buds or leaves is an ideal resting place. The yellow gymnasts can climb, bob, and enjoy their green fodder to their heart’s content. Small plastic mesh balls that you can buy in your pet store, filled with parsley bunches as a vitamin-rich nutritional supplement, can be easily attached to the adventure playground and can quickly encourage a “football game” when the birds claw for the food.

One hour of free-flying around the room every day keeps your canaries fit and in a good mood. So that the enthusiastic singers only settle down to warble their songs where they can be cleaned quickly, you should create incentives for them in suitable places.

Training in the Cage

Training can of course continue in the cage, although a canary does not need a toy in the cage. But ladders and poles made of natural material, like roots, are great for climbing. Coconut or hemp ropes are almost indispensable. Simply attach a few dandelion leaves to it and the little birds will be happy to use their sports aids. Additional balance exercises on bird swings and seat rings provide movement in and outside the cage. A water bowl for bathing or a spray system for hot days will delight the animals. The little birdies can indulge in a long bath in the bowl – they have fun and care for their wings. Birds who prefer a shower to a full bath should be offered cool water from the spray system.

Dangers in the Game

Toys such as plastic birds or a mirror are unsuitable, in no way a substitute for conspecifics, and can lead to behavioral disorders. Cage bars that are wrapped in sandpaper will harm your bird and should not be used. In addition, you should make sure that all toys are stable and not made of cheap material. After all, it’s supposed to last longer than a day. It is also there to play and not to eat. Also, make sure that there are no sources of danger from the toy. Things that your darling can pinch, poke or tear on are out of reach.

In addition to all of this, the freedom-loving canary also needs people as reference persons. As soon as he learns to feel comfortable in your presence, you will notice that he is always looking for your closeness.

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