Can My Dog Have a Christmas Dinner?

Is Christmas dinner the best thing for the holidays? Your dog will definitely find it! Therefore, you are far from allowed to share every dish with him. Because: Many ingredients can be toxic to dogs.

Your dog is a part of your life – it goes without saying that you want her to embrace tradition as much as possible, even during the holidays. But there are situations in which it is better to hold back.
For example, at the dinner table.

Since you are looking forward to a delicious Christmas dinner, some of the ingredients can be dangerous for your dog. You can find out which typical Christmas dishes you can feed without hesitation and which are best to keep with you here:

Can the Dog Eat Roast or Goose?

For many, meat or poultry, for example, in the form of hot or goose, are on the table during the holidays. Theoretically, your dog can eat, and – if the meat is well cooked and not too greasy. In addition, it should not contain bones, which can crack when chewing and damage the digestive tract of the dog. It is best to remove the menu from the four-legged friend is very fatty meats such as bacon.

Some dogs are allergic to certain protein sources. If you know your four-legged friend can’t stand dog food with beef, you shouldn’t give him roast beef. By the way, the gravy is too greasy and salty for dogs, but it could probably be fed without serious repercussions – but you’re not doing your four-legged friend any good.

What Side Dishes Can Your Dog Eat During Christmas Dinner?

It looks no less difficult with side dishes. For example, if you can easily feed your dog carrots or potatoes, many other vegetables are poisonous. For example, mushrooms and eggplants (especially raw ones) are poisonous to dogs. Peppers should only be served boiled, like potatoes. On the other hand, cooked legumes and kale can bloat and, in the worst-case scenario, cause stomach upset in dogs. In general, keep anything that is very salty, oily, and spicy away from your dog.

Be Careful with Baked Goods

Christmas cookies with chocolate and nuts – delicious! However, be careful that nothing falls to the floor and the dog eats it. After all, cocoa, chocolate, macadamia, and walnuts are extremely toxic to animals! It’s the same with the kernels of apricots, cherries, plums, and peaches. Raisins and grapes are also poisonous to dogs.
What else cannot be fed:

  • Any dish with onions or garlic
  • Raw legumes and raw pork
  • Avocado
  • Chewing gum and candy
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol.
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