Camping With the Cat

Cat owners are increasingly opting for a camping holiday in a caravan or mobile home because the cat has familiar surroundings with them. You can read here what you absolutely have to consider.

If you go on vacation with a mobile home, you can definitely take your cat with you. If you have never been on a holiday like this with a camper or caravan: you can rent them. The big car rental companies also have camper vans to offer. Before you bring your cat to the campsite of your choice, ask whether this is allowed. However, since the cat usually stays in or near the car, this shouldn’t be a problem.

How Should the Cat Live at the Campsite?

Before you go to the campsite with your cat, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the cat remain locked in the caravan and/or awning?
  • Should she be allowed to walk on a leash or secure a piece of lawn around the caravan?

All possibilities require preparation! If the cat is only allowed to stay unleashed in the caravan or awning, you have to have everything with you to seal the awning so that it cannot escape. In addition, you need fixed fly screens on all caravan windows, which you either mount as roller blinds or attach permanently.

It is essential that the linen runners are used to them at home. Young animals arrange themselves quickly with a collar, harness, and leash. Older cats often cause problems. Also important for “leash cats” is a peg or earth spiral mount with a long rope (or auto-retracting leash) that allows the cat to move around the caravan – under supervision, of course.

Free Running at the Campsite?

You should refrain from unsecured freewheeling on the campsite. The cat doesn’t know its way around there, could be frightened and run away – and can’t find its way back. Or she accidentally climbs into another caravan and is taken along. The risk is high.

However, if you decide that you want your cat to run free at the holiday destination, you have to get used to it there very slowly, and it is best to always go to the same place. You take a (search) photo with you to be on the safe side. If the freewheel works, you can install a cat flap in the caravan door and even one in the PVC apron on the awning or on the caravan border.

Basic Rules for Camping with a Cat

If you are planning a camping holiday with a cat, you should definitely observe these safety rules:

  • Never leave a cat parked somewhere at a rest area with the mobile home and leave it unattended. You could be stolen along with the car.
  • Do not feed the cat while driving.
  • Never park a car in the sun without air conditioning.
  • Put on a collar with a safety lock including address and telephone number and exercise extreme caution when opening the car door.

The Right Setup of the Camper with a Cat

If you go on holiday with cats, you have to set up your caravan accordingly. Bring your basket, crate, and favorite toy with you, and don’t forget security gates, gates, or nets. Also, ask the groundskeeper if you can have a spot on the edge of the square so that the cat can get more rest and then maybe enjoy hours outdoors (on a leash!).

Also, take with you:

  • vaccination card
  • litter box
  • enough cat litter
  • usual food
  • bowls
  • travel pharmacy

The Camping Neighbors

Make friendly contact with neighbors who you can ask to take a look at your car when you’re away. The groundskeeper usually knows whether there have been burglaries.

  • The right accommodation for cats
  • First aid at the resort & motion sickness
  • Emergency & travel pharmacy
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