Bolognese: Dog Breed Characteristics

Country of origin: Italy
Shoulder height: 25 – 30 cm
Weight: 2.5 – 4 kg
Age: 14 – 15 years
Color: white
Use: companion dog, companion dog

The Bolognese is one of the small companion dogs and has its origins in Italy. With his friendly and affectionate nature, he was a popular and widespread lap dog in the European nobility. The docile and adaptable Bolognese is still an ideal companion for people of all ages. He is also ideally suited as an apartment dog in a city.

Origin and history

The Bolognese is an Italian breed of dog that, like its French variant – the Bichon Frisé – can be traced back to ancient times and was mainly at home in the city of Bologna. Its origins merge somewhat with those of the Maltese. The Bolognese was very popular as a companion dog throughout the European nobility. Madame de Pompadour, Catherine the Great, and Empress Maria Theresa also had this intelligent and cheerful companion.


The Bolognese is a small, white dog with a compact but delicate build. It is built square overall so that its torso length is approximately the same as its shoulder height. The hair is long, softly falling, and curly all over the body. The head is slightly ovoid, the snout is almost square, eyes and nose are black. The ears are set high, long and drooping. The tail curls over the back.

The curly coat needs regular brushing and combing. However, since the Bolognese does not shed, it is usually also suitable for households with allergies.


The Bolognese is a smart, docile, rather calm, and serious dog, but always enterprising. It is considered to be very affectionate and is completely absorbed in its family or reference person. The Bolognese tends to be reserved towards strangers. It is an alert dog, but not a barker.

The Bolognese is a very adaptable companion who feels just as comfortable in a lively extended family as with single people in a city apartment. It is easy to train and is therefore also a good choice for dog beginners. It likes to go for walks, but can also let off steam in games and is therefore also suitable for people who have less time but can always have their dog around.

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