Blue Tongue in Cats: Go to the Vet!

When cats get a blue tongue, it’s usually caused by asthma or heart disease. In any case, you should take your fur nose to the vet immediately so that he can clarify the symptom.

Typically, a blue tongue in cats is associated with shortness of breath. These symptoms can indicate different diseases. There may be a danger to life! The emergency patient should be examined and treated quickly.

Bluetongue From Asthma & Heart Disease

Shortness of breath and a blue tongue are typical symptoms of feline asthma or heart disease. You can also recognize feline asthma by the spasmodic coughing fits, a whistling noise with simultaneous mouth breathing, and a crouched posture.

Heart disease in velvet paws can go unnoticed for a long time. Coughing is very rare. If your cat seems weak overall, refuses to eat, and appears listless, you should go to the vet at that point. Even if she doesn’t have breathing problems or a blue tongue.

What Else the Symptom in Cats Can Mean

The blue tongue can also appear together with shortness of breath and mouth breathing in the context of FIP disease. The best way to prevent your fur nose from becoming infected is to feed it healthily and ensure hygiene. A strong immune system can prevent the disease from breaking out even if the cat is already infected.

If the blue tongue and breathing difficulties suddenly appear, poisoning can be the cause. Affected cats usually have to vomit, have cramps and balance disorders, appear apathetic, or are in shock. Bring a sample of the vomit with you to the vet so they can investigate what’s behind it and hopefully administer an antidote.

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