Beagle: Dog Breed Profile

Country of origin: Great Britain
Shoulder: 33 – 40 cm
Weight: 14 – 18 kg
Age: 12 – 14 years
Colour: any scent hound color except liver
Use: hunting dog, companion dog, the family dog

Beagles belong to the hound family and have been bred for centuries specifically to hunt in packs. They are very popular as family companion dogs because of their uncomplicated and friendly nature, but they need an experienced hand, patient and consistent training as well as a lot of exercise and activity.

Origin and history

Small beagle-like dogs were used for hunting in Great Britain as early as the Middle Ages. The medium-sized Beagle was mainly used as a pack dog for battue hunting hares and wild rabbits. When hunting packs, beagles are led on foot as well as on horseback.

Since Beagles like to live well in packs and are very uncomplicated and trusting, they are often used as laboratory dogs today.


The Beagle is a robust, compact hunting dog and reaches a maximum shoulder height of 40 cm. With the short, close-fitting, and weatherproof coat, all colors are possible except liver brown. Common color variations are two-tone brown/white, red/white, yellow/white, or three-tone black/brown/white.

The Beagle’s short legs are very strong and muscular, but not thick. The eyes are dark or hazel brown, fairly large with a soft expression. The low-set ears are long and rounded at the end; placed forward, they reach almost to the tip of the nose. The tail is thick, set high, and carried over the topline. The tip of the tail is white.


The Beagle is a happy, extremely lively, bright, and intelligent dog. He is lovable with no sign of aggressiveness or timidity.

As an avid hunter and pack dog, the Beagle does not bond particularly close to its people, nor is it very willing to be submissive. It needs a very consistent and patient upbringing as well as a meaningful compensatory activity, otherwise, it likes to go its own way. Since Beagles were bred for hunting in packs well into the 20th century, they also need a lot of exercise and exercise as family dogs.

As pack dogs, Beagles also tend to overeat. The short coat is very easy to care for.

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