A Balinese could easily be mistaken for a Siamese from a distance. This is not surprising, because their ancestors are the noble Siamese. But the American beauty differs from its Asian relatives by its bushy tail and long fur.

Breed Characteristics and Appearance

What does a Balinese look like?

The medium-sized cat has a long and slender neck and a very graceful appearance due to its long legs.
Due to the early sexual maturity, Balinese are also fully grown earlier. However, their long-haired fur – in contrast to the fur of the Norwegian forest cat – has no function and is only used for appearance. Sometimes it is also claimed that the Balinese cat is suitable for allergy sufferers. However, this is wrong.

What are the coat colors of the Balinese?

Balinese are among the so-called point cats. They have a light body color and the approved colors are Seal-point, Blue-point, Chocolate-point, Lilac-point, Cinnamon-point, Red-point, Fawn-point, Creme-point, Foreign-point.

Origin and History

Where does the Balinese cat come from?

In the 1950s, Marion Dorsey began to breed long-haired Siamese cats in California – the Balinese of today. One wanted the name to be clearly differentiated from the
Create a Siamese cat, in addition, the Balinese cat is also very reminiscent of Balinese temple dancers with its graceful appearance.

Traits of Temperament

How does a Balinese tick?

Balinese are very lively and curious. Due to their alertness, they demand a lot of activity, but they are not hyperactive. They are also very demanding and talkative. The character description already shows: A Balinese cat is by no means suitable for being kept alone. In fact, very often, when they live in solitary confinement, they become depressed.

Nursing, Health, and Diseases

Does the Balinese suffer from diseases typical of the breed?

The Balinese cat is a very robust cat with little susceptibility to diseases. However, there are two diseases that are known to be related to the Siamese cat. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart disease, and gangliosidosis, which can lead to restricted mobility.

How do I care for a Balinese?

Due to their long fur, which has no undercoat, they should be brushed regularly, but you never really have a problem with matting. The Balinese cat should definitely get used to brushing as a kitten. The cats tend to be overweight if they don’t have enough exercise.

Upbringing and Attitude

Can a Balinese be raised?

Since Balinese are very people-oriented, they can be educated. Because of their intelligence, they also learn very quickly.
It is important that you work without the use of penalties. Clicker training is very suitable to teach a Balinese cat some basic things, but also to do trick training with her.

How do I keep a Balinese cat?

Balinese cats are real breakout artists. You need a living space that offers you a lot of variety. Scratching posts and climbing walls make sense with the active beauties so that they do not damage the inventory of the apartment. Multi-story scratching posts, tunnels, and climbing opportunities should be part of the basic equipment if you buy a Balinese cat.

In addition, trick training and regular play units also offer a good opportunity for utilization. Balinese are very intelligent animals and learn quickly, which is why they quickly get bored. You can counter this, for example, with a variety of intelligent toys.

Of course, Balinese people are also available for long cuddles, but only when they feel like it.
Since the Balinese cat is very talkative, it is important that it is little alone. This also applies if the cat has a cat partner. You should also think of the neighbors, because: With thin walls, they could feel disturbed by the meowing of their own cats.

Life Expectancy

How old does a Balinese get?

Balinese, although they belong to pedigree cats, have a very high life expectancy of 15-20 years. In addition, their eyes are always deep blue – if they have any other eye color, they will fall out of the breed standard.

Considerations before You buy

Who is a Balinese suitable for?

In general, Balinese people are more suitable for very active people who also have time to deal with them. Since the fur does not offer any natural protection from the cold, the Balinese cat is more suitable as a house cat with a secure balcony or outdoor area. The beauty from the USA is less suitable as a family cat, as she would like to be kept busy. The Balinese cat feels more comfortable with active singles or seniors than with people who are busy both professionally and privately.

Where can I buy a Balinese?

If you want to give a Balinese cat home as a gift, you can visit local animal shelters, but because of their appearance, Balinese-like cats are often very quickly forgiven. You should also know that the Balinese cat is still not very common in Europe. The best thing to do is to look for a breeder in your area. It is important that the parents and kittens grow up in a family environment and that the parents have tested negative for possible diseases. Make sure to also take a look at the family tree. Balinese kittens can cost between € 900 and € 1,100 – these are of course already vaccinated.

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