Austrian Black & Tan Hound (Brandlbracke) – Family Nose from Austria

The Brandlbracke is a highly efficient hunting dog. These scent hounds are good hunters and have a keen sense of direction and sense of smell. Away from the hunt, this breed is known for its even-tempered and gentle nature. Therefore, foresters and hunters also appreciate this breed as a family dog that loves children.

Hunting Expert with Bright Coat Markings

The Brandlbracke draws attention with its conspicuous brown markings on its shiny black fur. Experts call this coat pattern Brand, which gave the name to this breed. Another common name is Vieräugl because the brown markings above the eyes vaguely resemble another pair of eyes.

As a hound, this breed is an ideal tracking dog for hound hunting techniques. The dog sniffs out furry rabbits or foxes, follows the trail with its nose, and makes a loud noise.

Like other types of hounds, the Austrian Black & Tan Hound is probably descended from the Celtic hounds. These ancestors of modern Brandlbracke lived over 2,000 years ago. Although the relationship has not been scientifically proven, experts speculate that various European hunting dog breeds originated from these Celtic hounds. In the Middle Ages, dogs were all over Europe, in the Alps these hunting companions were found in different colors depending on the valley and region.

Since the 19th century, experts began to separate individual types of hounds into breeds and purposefully breed them. Brandlbracke comes from Austria and is mainly due to the influence of Duke Ludwig Wilhelm of Bavaria and Karl Barbolani of Styria. In 1883, the breeders finally determined the characteristics of this breed, and in 1996 the breed association FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) officially recognized Brandlbrak as a dog breed.

Brandlbracke Personality

Brandlbracke is mainly used for hunting wild boar. This requires great courage, intelligence, and a lot of self-confidence from dogs. In addition, the four-legged friend from Austria has a very keen sense of smell, and he follows the trail with great determination and perseverance. Therefore, hunters also use this scent hound for stalking and stalking. Brandlbraken is ready working dogs with great readiness for work and high endurance. They master difficult terrain with ease and have been known to navigate rocks and boulders with confidence. Like their relatives, the Bavarian mountain greyhound or the Tyrolean greyhound, they get along very well on paths with dense undergrowth or sharp stones.

In their spare time, species-appropriately kept four-legged friends are calm and relaxed housemates who prefer to be with their family and appreciate being petted. When dealing with children, well-behaved Brandlbrackes are usually patient and friendly. These dogs love to play and are mostly calm on their own.

Training & Keeping

The Brandlbracke is primarily a specialized dog bred specifically for hunting. You must provide him with the physical and mental requirements of working with a tracker and bloodhound so that he remains a balanced dog. This breed of dog loves to run for hours through forests and fields. Bad weather in the form of rain or snow does not bother strong four-legged friends.

Due to its strong urge to move, its steadfast disposition, and pronounced hunting instinct, the Brandlbracke is not suitable as a purebred companion or family dog. Daily walks alone are not enough to tire out this hunting assistant. Even dog competitions are not a challenge for Brandlbracke, since work is her passion, which she definitely wants to live. For this reason, responsible breeders usually only sell these animals to active hunters. Brandlbracken is willing to learn and quick to think. However, these dogs are so independent and witty that they can find their own solutions to problems that are not always in your best interest. Thus, these hunting companions belong to experienced hands, where they receive serious training and guidance with consistency and great understanding.

Brandlbracke Care & Health

Brandlbracke is easy to care for. In addition to periodically brushing the short coat, one of your main tasks is to regularly check the floppy ears for inflammation or parasites. The diet of these hounds is also simple. Thanks to strict and careful breeding, Brandlbracke has no serious hereditary diseases.

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