Acclimatization of Puppies

Clumsy little puppies that roll around their mom: As adorable as the little ones are, at some point the time to say goodbye comes and the young dogs go to a new home. For the changeover to be as pleasant as possible for the puppy, the new dog owner must observe a few points:

“In any case, it makes sense for the new dog owners to visit the puppy as often as possible before picking it up. In this way, a certain bond can already be established in the first few weeks and the dog-child does not have to deal with strangers when it comes to its new home after about ten to twelve weeks,” advises dog expert and head of the Meckenheim dog school from Tomberg Manuela van Schewick.

If the following tips are also followed, nothing stands in the way of harmonious acclimatization of the puppies:

  • Transport to the new home should be with an attendant. This way, the new owner can fully devote himself to the puppy on the way home. A lot of physical contacts gives the small dog security.
  • The puppy needs a lot of closeness and attention at first, so it should not be left alone during the day or at night, otherwise, it could be very scared.
  • It makes sense to join a well-managed puppy group as early as possible. Because what the little dog particularly misses is playing with his siblings.
  • The first visit to the vet is also very important. He will examine the little dog and arrange the first vaccination appointments.

By the way: In the first few weeks of life, the puppies should have unhindered contact with their mother, but also be in the constant vicinity of people. The breeder must get used to everyday environmental stimuli such as typical household noises, and optical and acoustic stimuli during this formative time.

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