7 Dog Breeders of Border Collies in Virginia (VA)

If you live in Virginia (VA) and are trying to find Border Collie puppies for sale near you, then this article is for you. In this post, you can find a list of Border Collie breeders in Virginia (VA).

How To Choose a Healthy Puppy

  • Try buying a puppy from a breeder instead of a pet store;
  • Arrange visits with the breeder right after the puppies are born;
  • Do not buy puppies from a female dog’s first litter;
  • Discuss the health of the litter with the breeder;
  • Observe the litter as a whole;
  • Identify which puppy personality type is right for you;
  • Observe individual puppies in the litter;
  • Interact with the puppies one by one;
  • Conduct a one-time visual inspection of each puppy;
  • Check the puppies’ eyes, ears, gums, teeth, and rear end;
  • Conduct a hearing and vision test;
  • Note the puppies’ breathing and gait;
  • Test the puppy’s jaw control;
  • Take your new puppy to the vet a few days after you bring him home.

Online Border Collie Breeders

AKC MarketPlace

Adopt a Pet

Puppies For Sale Today

Border Collie Puppies for Sale in Virginia (VA)

Collie Rescue, Inc

Address – Chantilly, VA 20153, United States

Phone – +1 703-579-9931

Website –

Love of Collies & Shelties Rescue

Address – Southeastern VA, United States

Phone – +1 757-814-4389

Website –

Border Springs Farm LAMB

Address – 743 Vfw Rd, Patrick Springs, VA 24133, United States

Phone – +1 276-952-5485

Website –

Shadewood Farm and Kennel

Address – 2620 Shadewood Ln, Charles City, VA 23030, United States

Phone – +1 804-977-0532

Website –

Bison Ridge Blue And Red Heelers

Address – 587 Barlow Rd, Virgilina, VA 24598, United States

Phone – +1 434-470-4034

Website –


Address – 1950 Kirby Rd, McLean, VA 22101, United States

Phone – +1 571-766-0980

Website –

Bayshore Kennel

Address – 1625 Mt Olive Rd, Toms Brook, VA 22660, United States

Phone – +1 540-436-3169

Website –

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Average Price of a Border Collie Puppy in Virginia (VA)

$ 600 to $4,500

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Missouri (MO)

North Carolina (NC)

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