5 Noises That Can Scare Your Dog To Death

When it comes to describing dogs, we often and intensively read about their sensitivity to human behavior and our emotions.

We learn extraordinary things about their sense of smell, especially when it comes to hunting dogs. And there are separate comparison lists for the urge to move and speed.

It is often overlooked that dogs also have extremely fine hearing.

They perceive noises differently, at least also louder. Many a noise from nature or our everyday human life can frighten, frighten, downright panic.

1. Thunderstorm with heavy thunder

While we can prepare for a thunderstorm by following the news and weather reports, loud thunder can come as a surprise to a dog.

Apartment dogs in particular, which cannot perceive the change in the air so clearly, are the most frightened.

If a thunderstorm is approaching, you should never leave your dog alone, maybe postpone the walk until later and offer him a cozy place to hide!

2. Loud music, be it opera or hard rock

There are pieces of music that you like to hear loudly. Sometimes we humans also use music to try to change our mood.

Rarely do we think of our dogs! Loud music can scare your dog, especially if drum rolls, thunder-like, and other effects are incorporated into the piece.

Apart from the fact that too loud sounds can also negatively affect our hearing, next time you should better enjoy the crescendo with headphones!

3. Slowly getting used to the hair dryer

Your dog likes to follow you into the bathroom, to the toilet, almost jumps into the tub with you, but when you turn on the hair dryer, does it run away?

In fact, that loud buzzing sound is an annoyance similar to tinnitus in your dog’s ears.

As a quick first step, close the bathroom door while you blow dry. Newer devices are also becoming quieter and you can get your dog used to such quiet devices!

4. New Year’s Eve crackers

This problem will probably not arise as often over the next few years anyway, because excessive banging is to be banned.

Until then, don’t leave your darling alone at the turn of the year and act similar to thunderstorms!

5. The vacuum cleaner as an enemy

Especially if you’ve given your heart to a particularly hairy breed, regular use of the vacuum cleaner will be part of your everyday routine.

Dogs, like cats, don’t like this device and its noise at all. The same applies to the vacuum cleaner as to the hair dryer!

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