17+ Times Yorkies Proved They Might Be The Best Dogs Ever

The Yorkshire Terrier is the most popular lap dog today. This is not surprising: the Yorkie combines a pretty appearance and a wonderful character.

Friendly Yorkie dogs have long been considered one of the most popular in the world. Due to their compact size, they are well suited for keeping in an apartment, and the lively facial expressions and terrier roots of the breed make them favorites even for those who do not really like dogs.

At first glance, a small and fragile dog causes only joy. They are friendly and outgoing. Yorkies are very curious and find it hard to sit still. Very often, the owners will have to monitor the pet so that it does not get hurt. There is enough energy for the whole day.

Representatives of this breed are very fond of playing. If the owner decides to communicate with him, then the pet will be already happy. And games are beyond his expectations. He will happily run after toys, tug on a rope or follow commands. Although very often they are litter trained, there is nothing like a walk for any dog. He will be happy to run down the street.

#3 Positive character, no aggression at all, friendly and very quick-witted. It gets along well with other animals.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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