17+ Pictures That Prove Shap-Peis Are Perfect Weirdos

A Shar-Pei dog is, first of all, the keeper of his family. With loved ones, they are incredibly open and sociable, they are distinguished by great friendliness and kindness. However, they are usually reserved and uncommunicative with strangers, moreover, if the dog is not socialized enough, it can consider all strangers who approach the owner, for example, while walking on the street, as potentially dangerous.

Accordingly, she will closely monitor the behavior of the stranger, and will instantly defend herself if he allows the slightest manifestation of aggression. The Shar-Pei is devoted to his family to self-forgetfulness, and if it is necessary to give his life to protect the owner, he will do it without hesitation. These dogs have been used for many hundreds of years as guards and watchmen, and therefore militancy is in their blood.

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Written by Mary Allen

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