16 Reasons Why Vizsla Shouldn’t Be Trusted

The Hungarian Vizsla dog breed has a rather soft, docile nature, and needs close contact with humans. That is, it is a certain characteristic feature that has been developed over centuries of interaction and hunting side by side with its owner. Accordingly, the dog cannot be alone for a long time, in addition, it is not recommended to leave them alone during the day.

So, if you are busy full-time, and there is no one to stay with the animal, it is better to get another breed of dog. This will not only negatively affect the state of mind of the dog, but also create more serious and, so to speak, tangible, difficulties for yourself – after all, the animal will become destructive, begin to gnaw furniture, throw things around, destroy your shoes and clothes, and generally behave extremely chaotic.

This behavior is directly related to a high level of energy, not only with affection for loved ones because this is a hunting dog that needs a variety of activities. Active games, running, exercise, and long walks – all this should be done daily, otherwise, the animal will worsen not only the emotional state but also the state of health, since the body of such breeds is initially predisposed to high activity.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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