16+ Pug Mix with Other Breeds that will Impress You

Dog breed fashions are changing almost as fast as clothing fashions. Remember how it used to be fashionable to have poodles? Then collies, bull terriers, spaniels, then pugs, huskies, Samoyeds. By the way, about pugs.

As it turned out, this breed is one of the most crossed with others. The result is dozens of new hybrids that are confusing to look at. After all, who would have thought what kind of dog would be obtained from a mixture of a pug with a husky or a corgi …

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

Hello, I'm Mary! I've cared for many pet species including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, and bearded dragons. I also have ten pets of my own currently. I've written many topics in this space including how-tos, informational articles, care guides, breed guides, and more.

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