16+ Pictures That Prove Corgis Are Perfect Weirdos

Corgis are loyal, anxiously love the family of their owner. They are loyal to all people and other animals, they easily get along with cats. They treat children very warmly, especially small ones, watch over them and protect them.

They calmly endure life in the city. They adapt to the climate without much difficulty, but because of the very thick undercoat, they feel better in cold weather than in hot weather. This is a very cheerful and agile dog. Corgis love to play and require continuation if the owner decides to end the game.

They maintain excellent relations with all household members, without clearly showing their preference. At the same time, with those who do not want to accept them, they “keep their distance.” They know exactly when they can come and caress, when it is better not to be seen, when it is possible to be capricious, and when full dedication is required from them.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan are similar in character, but there are differences. For example, both the Cardigan and the Pembroke are friendly, good-natured dogs, attached to their owner, balanced, very charming, excellent companions, also possessing a sense of tact and even a sense of humor (which is noted in the breed standard). But, unlike the Pembroke, the cardigan is calmer, more judicious, and more careful, and the Pembroke is more excitable, lively, and sensitive.

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