16+ Best Dalmatian Tattoos

For a family with small children, the emergence of energetic “plum pudding”, as the English affectionately call these dogs, can be a problem. But not because by nature they are aggressive and capable of deliberately harming the little one. On the one hand, impetuous and harsh by nature Dalmatians do not measure up their strength and often knock down the kids who are inappropriately in the way. On the other hand, animals with hearing problems instinctively defend themselves from the “threat” when they are imperceptibly approached from behind or disturbed in their sleep, and it is difficult for crumbs to immediately learn the subtleties of handling a special family member.

But with older children and adolescents, Dalmatians in most cases get along just fine, feeling a kindred restless soul.

Would you like to have a Dalmatian tattoo? 🙂

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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