15 Reasons Why Your Labrador Is Staring At You Right Now

Even a person can envy the character of this dog: they are full of love and almost always in a good mood. With them it is easy in every sense: they are friendly, calm, playful, not only amenable to training, but also obviously enjoy their studies and do their best to please their beloved master. Labrador dogs easily make friends with people and animals. Unless they react to birds like hunters, but even here there are happy exceptions. Labradors are dogs for the family, they quickly become active members, in their own way, but clearly taking part in important and not very events. They need communication in the literal sense, while the peculiarity of the character of Labradors is that the dogs manage not to get bored. They know how to adapt to a person’s mood and even his habits. The dog can be taught to bring some things, turn on the light, close / open doors: the high intellectual abilities of the dog affect. Someone may be worried about how the Labrador and children will get along, but there is no need to worry: this dog has enough love even for strangers, and there is nothing to say about the children of its owner. She is a great caregiver and companion.

Mary Allen

Written by Mary Allen

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