15+ Reasons Why Weimaraners Make Great Friends

The Weimaraner is a graceful and graceful, elegant and majestic, aristocratic dog to the point of snobbery. “Silver Ghost” is one of the names that the animal received for its unusual color, amazing eyes, and fast silent movement through the forest. The Weimaraner breed or Weimar Pointing Dog was developed in the 19th century in Germany. Monarchs and noble persons hunted with them for wild boars and bears, and later for foxes and rabbits. They were dogs of aristocrats, not for ordinary people. Unlike other hunting dogs that were kept in kennels, the loyal and calm Weimaraners lived in the warmth and comfort of their families.

#1 Elegant, swift and dedicated, Weimaraners have all the qualities to become a loyal friend or an indispensable hunting assistant, justifying the ancient nickname “silver ghost”, received for the amazing beauty of the coat and unsurpassed working qualities.

#2 These are very kind dogs, with a sense of their own dignity, not showing aggression towards people, but capable of assessing the world around them and making their own decisions.

#3 These beautiful and intelligent animals will not be able to lie exquisitely on a pillow all the time, their energy must have an outlet, their high intelligence must solve certain problems.

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